A Perfect Time to Expand Education Savings Accounts


Back on St. Patrick’s Day, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) introduced the Native American Education Opportunity Act, which would set up education savings accounts (ESAs) for children attending Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) schools in states where ESAs are available for other students. Because BIE schools are federally funded, Native American children attending them in Arizona, […]

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Democrats Prepare to Bork Tom Price


Until a week ago, the adjectives most frequently applied to Georgia Rep. Tom Price were “mild-mannered” and “low-key.” This isn’t surprising. Like his father and his grandfather, he is a physician and thus trained to approach problems in a calm, analytical fashion. However, now that President-elect Trump has picked Price to be his Secretary of […]

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The Cost of Burying Forgotten Souls


(Debra Saunders is off today. The following column is by Diane Dimond.) Sources say the average cost of a North American funeral these days is between $7,000 and $10,000. Imagine, then, what it costs each state to bury inmates who die in prison, those whose bodies are unclaimed by family members. Just like the population […]

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Trump-Style Diplomacy


For all the maneuvering, scheming, pleading, and plotting to influence who president-elect Trump names as our next secretary of state, it’s probably not going to matter much. The simple reason for that is that Trump is his own messenger, and whoever he chooses to be our chief diplomat may not be much more than a […]

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Relax, Liberals: The Third Reich Isn’t on the Way


Perhaps you’ve noticed that some of the most illiberal people in America these days … are liberals. Liberals are the ones who pride themselves on being open-minded. But who are the ones on college campuses stifling speech they don’t like? It’s not conservative students. In 1944, college-age men were storming the beach at Normandy. Today, […]

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The Case of the Leftie Who Actually Left 


We’re used to the dreary quadrennial spectacle of various lefties declaring they will leave the country if this or that conservative wins the White House (even the compassionate variety of conservative puts them off, as we saw in 2000). But, as we’re also used to, the bums never do it. Never follow through. Never live […]

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Castro’s Death: The Perfect Metaphor of Communism’s Demise


Castro’s death not only provides communism’s coda but its perfect metaphor. The world’s governments are turning mental contortions over how to respond to the passing of Cuba’s dictator for half a century. Untroubled by protocol concerns, the rest of the world can simply recognize the obvious: Castro is taking communism to the grave with him. […]

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Buzzfeed Writer Kate Aurthur, Chip & Jo Gaines, and Meanness


A little thought experiment. What is worse? Someone trying to get people fired from the most awesome job they’ve ever had, that they’re doing great at, that is not only making their life better personally but is also greatly benefiting their community because said someone hates these people, OR is it worse calling the person trying to fire innocent […]

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A Challenge for the Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty: What Lies?


So in this Mediaite account of the dust up between Trump and Clinton aides at Harvard’s Kennedy School, there is this from the Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty to CNN president Jeff Zucker. It reads: At one point The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty got in on it, asking about why CNN hired and promoted “nutjob” Trump supporters. “At […]

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Secession Is for Morons


I love California. I have lived here since the summer of 1976 and while I travel like a madman, Sunny Cal has always been my base for the last forty years. What’s not to like? It almost never rains. The weather is balmy year-round here in L.A. The people are ambitious and lively and know […]

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