Who Murdered Baby Amiad Yisrael?


He was named after he passed away on Wednesday, December 12, 2018. He was only thirty weeks in the womb when his mother and father were gunned down in a drive-by shooting by Palestinian terrorists. Try as they might, the skilled doctors at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center were unable to save him. If it takes […]

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FCC Says LOL to California Text Tax


California regulators are giving up on their misguided effort to tax text messages. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) said the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) move last week to classify text messages as an information service rather than a telecommunications service would require it to cancel its vote on the text tax. That’s because California […]

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Oh, Big Deal! So Close Down the Government


So go ahead and close down the cockamamie Government. If only! Let’s call a spade a spade: Donald J. Trump, private public citizen (oxymoron?), descended on an escalator (an oxymoron that!), and he said that Mexico is sending us their worst, not their best. Was he right? Did he speak elegantly? That is open to fair debate, […]

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Trump’s Making Health Insurance More Affordable


A federal district judge struck down the Affordable Care Act as unconstitutional on Friday, in a lawsuit brought by Republican officials from twenty states. They want their residents to have more insurance choices and lower premiums. Though technically the suing states won in Texas v. Azar, their victory won’t help consumers reeling from Obamacare sticker-shock anytime soon. Obamacare […]

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What Ever Happened to Skid Row?


Washington Homelessness is up for the second year in a row. That is no surprise to me. I spent the last few days in New York City where it seems the homeless are as numerous as the tourists. They are everywhere. Not that they are not numerous in our nation’s capital too. I returned to […]

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Enzo Ferrari Himself


How could a country boy come from rural Italy early in the 20th century to become the boss of a company that made the most elegant cars in the world. He did it for some three quarters of a century: the fastest sports cars and Formula Ones, the most elegantly flamboyant, the cars bearing the Ferrari marque with the prancing black horse on their fenders.

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The Law Flynn ‘Violated’ Should Be Repealed


While much has been written about the entrapment of Michael Flynn by the ethically challenged Andrew McCabe and his accomplice Peter Strzok, little discussion has been devoted to the constitutionally dubious federal law under which he was charged. Most commentators have noted in a cursory fashion that it is a felony to mislead the FBI, […]

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Good News, Bad News in China Tiff


More positive news has arisen for the U.S. in its trade war with China, even as other developments cloud the situation. A new report says that China is shelving its Made in 2025 economic plan, an aggressive track that would push for Chinese dominance in areas such as manufacturing and technology. Much like President Trump’s […]

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Let Us Now Praise… Nick Foles


It was a perfect setup for cynics. If you were a hater of fairy tale endings, then you had to be looking forward to this one like the crocodile lurking at the waterhole when the wildebeests begin to arrive. Bob Ford, sports columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, put it to the hometown fans straight. Not […]

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French Riots May Put Paris Climate Treaty on the Guillotine


As the shock and chaos from weeks of rioting in Paris and the French countryside finally tampers down, it is becoming increasingly clear that the French have all but declared “off with its head” regarding the Paris Climate Accords. Actions speak louder than words. And the actions of countries around the world show, whatever agreement […]

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