Ocasio-Cortez Is a Pain in Pelosi’s Agenda


Nancy Pelosi should be happier than she seems. The Democrats recently harvested enough votes to retake the House of Representatives, and she will again be elected Speaker of that body in January. But a lot has changed since 2011, when she last held the gavel. She isn’t accustomed to being ambushed on live television by the […]

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Strong Borders Is a Moral Category


Within some religious communities, as well as outside houses of worship, a question often being asked is: How can we turn away people from our borders in light of the Bible’s statement “Thou shall not afflict the Stranger”? Former President Obama in concert with many liberal leaders are in speeches across the country quoting this […]

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France: A Bad Case of Backlash


The French are a nation of incorrigible, rebellious frondeurs who resent those in power, whoever they might be. Sometimes the animosity turns viciously violent, as during the Jacquerie uprising of 1358, when overtaxed peasants went on a rampage against the nobility, one of whom they barbecued on a spit. In 1789 they had a new […]

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Gregg Jarrett’s ‘Russia Hoax’ Captures the Real Collusion


Gregg Jarrett nails it. In his bestselling The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump, Fox News legal and political analyst Gregg Jarrett captures the very heart of a very, very big scandal — arguably the biggest scandal in all of American history. And that’s saying something. Right off the […]

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Be Careful When Dealing With CAIR


To the surprise of moderate Muslims and counter-extremism activists across the United States, Houston mayor Sylvester Turner recently proclaimed December 9 as “CAIR-Texas, Houston Day.” He glowingly described the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) as a grassroots civil rights organization, “seeking to advocate for justice and mutual understanding.” The idea that CAIR works for “justice and […]

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State’s Fiscal Fate in High Court’s Hands


Sacramento The latest California craziness to make national news is the Public Utilities Commission’s plan to vote next month on a tax on cellphone text messaging to help fund phone programs for the poor. It is the latest example of our state’s undying commitment to taxing virtually anything we do. The state general fund has $15 […]

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My Draft for Trump’s Speech Pardoning All But One of Mueller’s Victims


Now that the Mueller and related New York State sentencing memos are in for Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort — and with rumors increasingly circulating that the Mueller Investigation that was supposed to look into collusion between the 2016 Trump Presidential Campaign and “The Russians” may be over as soon as six years, one month, […]

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Pension Plans Pulling Wool Over the Public’s Eyes


A former deputy commissioner at the Social Security Administration (SSA) says pension trustees are assuming higher investment returns than in the past due to accounting trickery — despite what’s being widely reported in the public sphere. Andrew Biggs, a resident scholar at American Enterprise Institute who previously served as the principal deputy commissioner at SSA, […]

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If You Thought Scrooge Was Bad, Consider the Victorian Home


We owe many popular Christmas traditions to Victorian England, from carols and decorated trees to gift-giving. These cheerful traditions stand in stark contrast with our recognition of the nightmarish working conditions at the time. In Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, for example, the miserly businessman Ebenezer Scrooge exemplifies the alleged spirit of the Victorian age: heartlessness, he maintains, […]

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The Lady Is a What?


There’s a famous song about a San Francisco dame whose every stanza ends with the line, “That’s why the lady is tramp.” Frank Sinatra had a good time singing it to and about Rita Hayworth in Pal Joey. It was rather mean, but whatever he said about her the woman had class and he was […]

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