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Muslim Soldier Arrested For Plotting Attack on Ft. Hood

The FBI has arrested a U.S. soldier in a motel near Fort Hood where he was found with bomb making material. It is believed that he was plotting another attack on Fort Hood.

Pfc. Nasser Abdo has been AWOL from Fort Campbell since the Fourth of July. He had applied for conscientious objector status last August after refusing deployment to Afghanistan. It was granted last month but did not take effect after Abdo was charged with possessing child pornography on his computer.

Andy McCarthy wrote a piece at National Review Online about Abdo after he was granted conscientious objector status. Sharia law forbids Muslims from assisting non-Muslims in fighting other Muslims. McCarthy chastised the Obama Administration and the Pentagon for embracing this tenet of Sharia law in granting Abdo’s application. In light of Abdo’s arrest, the following passage is rather chilling:

Private Abdo may not approve of al-Qaeda. He may not want to see the Taliban retake control of Afghanistan. But that is not the point. They are Muslims. He, like the Muslims of Afghanistan, sees himself as a Muslim first. He is not going to side with us over them. It doesn’t matter that he may privately believe they are reprehensible. Since they are Muslims, he sees it as Allah’s place, not his, to condemn them. In this life, in the sharia schema of Muslims versus non-Muslims, he is with his fellow Muslims – and would risk grave peril, both here and in the afterlife, were he to cross over to the other side.

Well, by all appearances, Abdo has indeed crossed over to the other side. Yet it’s not exactly a state secret that the U.S. military has been engaged in Afghanistan for nearly a decade and still has roughly 50,000 troops in Iraq. If American Muslims object so fiercely to being sent into a war where they might have to kill their fellow Muslims then why on earth sign up in the first place? We haven’t had conscription in this country in nearly forty years. It’s not like they are compelled into military service. Unless, of course, the idea is to infiltrate and then kill from within. If that is the objective then I say diversity be damned. It is, after all, the solemn duty of our military personnel “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Any American, Muslim or otherwise, who is not prepared to uphold that oath has no business enlisting in our armed forces.

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