Editor-in-ChiefR. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.
Editorial DirectorWlady Pleszczynski

Senior Editors

Chief Saloon CorrespondentAram Bakshian Jr.
Economics EditorBrian Wesbury
Paris BureauJoseph A. Harriss
Movie and Culture CriticJames Bowman
Senior Editorial AdvisorRobert L. Bartley (1937–2003)

Contributing Editors

Art Direction/ProductionJeffrey P. Macharyas
KapellmeisterBaron Von Kannon (1949-2015)

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The American Spectator
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Executive DirectorDonald Rieck
Office ManagerDaniel DeFonce
Legal CounselSolitary, Poor, Nasty, Brutish & Short
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DevelopmentDonald Rieck

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