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Look, We Shrunk the Presidency

No, no, no, you tiny little person. We don’t want you to just use the term radical Islam. We want you to close with radical Islam and destroy it. That’s the only way to make Americans safe. We have the military resources to do this. It would cost a lot to do it. It will cost more, in blood and gold, not to. And if you’d bother to read your job description, your Smallness, you would see that protecting America and Americans from threats, wherever they come from, is your first responsibility. A responsibility you are abdicating.

Though the competition for the distinction is stiff, I’d have to say that this afternoon’s pathetic exercise in excuse making and whining, when resolve and action are called for, is the most dishonest speech Barack Obama has made in all his years at 1600. And the most cringe-inducing.

Obama trotted out all the non sequiturs and intentional misdirections that he and his party have used for years for refusing to defend America from the most serious threat we’ve faced since World War II and the Cold War. Not the least being the transparent straw-man that we can’t resist radical Islam too vigorously or everyone will think we are fighting a war against all of Islam. How stupid does he think Americans — Muslim and otherwise — are?

Show of hands — how many reading this have ever heard anyone suggest all Muslims are America’s problem? I hang around with some folks so far right of center that if they took a half step further to the right they would fall off the Earth. I’ve never heard any these folks say we should engage in a war against all of Islam. Or that all Muslims are our enemies. Not one. And I’m sure the congenial Muslim who runs the dry cleaning shop on the corner is nimble enough to know the difference between himself and Omar Mateen, and to know that he is not the target of our justifiable wrath.

But we do need to engage in the war radical Islam has been fighting against us for years. A war that we can’t win on defense alone. No matter how many of these nutters we ferret out and stop — and we have stopped many of them — more will get through. More Americans will die. We need to locate, close with, and kill all the snakes where they’re doing business. Nothing less will do. Obama told us one more time this afternoon that he’s not going to do this.

Obama’s delusion that his administration has presided over a peaceful world trumps everything with him, including American lives. No pun intended in that last sentence, but it’s clear enough which presidential candidate this butt-headed refusal to defend America vigorously helps.

Larry Thornberry
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Larry Thornberry is a writer in Tampa.
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