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Lindsey Graham’s Birthright Citizenship Suck-Up

In an interview with Daniel Foster at NRO, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) basically admits that his sudden interest in reforming birthright citizenship is really a ploy to win conservative support for amnesty back home.

FOSTER: Isn’t a bit of this, frankly, strategic? Aren’t you looking for ways to bring conservatives on board with the more comprehensive immigration reform that you favor? Is that fair to say?

GRAHAM: Yeah, I think it’s fair to say that I need to go home to South Carolina and say: listen, I know we’re all upset that we have 12-14 million people illegally. I’m going to have to be practical. We’re not going to deport or jail 12-14 million people. A practical solution is not awarding this citizenship on day one, but to allow them to stay here on our terms, learn our language, pay a fine, hold a job, and apply for citizenship through the legal process by getting in the back of the legal line.

That to me is a practical solution. But, I have to be able to say, as part of doing that, we looked at all the incentives that led to the 12-13 million coming, and we changed them. That we did secure our border, unlike any other time in the past, that we now have laws that make it possible to verify employment; we now have a temporary worker program that will allow people to come here and work on our terms temporarily, and help our employers with labor when they can’t find American labor…

This is hardly surprising. Anytime Republican politicians want to pretend to be doing something on an issue that is of importance to conservatives but irrelevant to the GOP establishment, they push no-chance constitutional amendments. How are the amendments on abortion, gay marriage, flag burning, balanced budgets, parents rights, victims rights, forced busing, and all the rest of it coming?

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