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Joe Klein’s Hysterical Rant Against Netanyahu

Earlier this week, I made the following observation concerning Jewish support for President Obama:

Quite frankly President Obama could appear in full Nazi regalia, sporting a toothbrush mustache with his arm extended shouting, “Sieg Heil!” and still get a majority of the Jewish vote in this country.

Exhibit A: Joe Klein.

Today, Klein has written a hysterical rant about Benjamin Netanyahu. Consider his opening:

Of all the petty annoyances, misdemeanors and felonies of public life, there is none that Barack Obama detests more than to have his words twisted or oversimplified. It is a big part of his frustration with the media; it is a bigger part of his disdain for the talk-show wing of the Republican Party. And so it wasn’t hard to imagine smoke jetting from the Presidents (sic) ears as Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, willfully misinterpreted Obamas (sic) statement about the need to renegotiate Israels (sic) borders – in Obamas (sic) presence, in the Oval Office on May 20.

Well, aside from Klein’s apparent aversion for apostrophes, he is shocked – shocked – that a plebian like Netanyahu would dare to criticize The Anointed One whilst in his awesome presence. Yet Netanyahu didn’t misrepresent anything Obama said. As Bret Stephens of The Wall Street Journal points out:

Mr. Obama’s problem isn’t, as he supposes, that people aren’t paying close attention to him. On the contrary, they’ve noticed that on Thursday Mr. Obama called for Israel to make territorial concessions to some approximation of the ’67 lines before an agreement is reached on the existential issues of refugees and Jerusalem. “Moving forward now on the basis of territory and security,” he said, “provides a foundation to resolve these two issues in a way that is just and fair, and that respects the rights and aspirations of Israelis and Palestinians.”

President Obama said in his speech before the State Department that “no peace can be imposed” on the Israelis and Palestinians. But he rendered that statement moot by mentioning the 1967 borders. Obama has only himself to blame for the mess he created. But where is the satisfaction in taking responsibility for his own actions? So much for Obama’s era of responsibility.

As for Klein, he went on to make a most unfortunate remark. He writes that Netanyahu “has the U.S. Congress in his pocket.”  Ah yes, the Jews and their undue influence in American public life. It is a tiresome narrative which becomes dangerous when other Jews help to perpetuate its myth.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Klein also engages in moral equivalence. With regard to the settlements, he writes:

But Netanyahus (sic) offensive also had an important tactical effect: Israels (sic) continued, illegal construction of settlements on Palestinian lands – an impediment to peace every bit as great as the Palestinian refusal to truly acknowledge Israels (sic) existence – took a distinct backseat during the week of dueling speeches.

If the construction of Jewish settlements is every bit an impediment to peace as Palestinian refusal to acknowledge Israel’s existence then why do Palestinians in Gaza continue to shoot rockets into Israel almost six years after the last Jewish settler left? I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again. The settlements are nothing more than a red herring. Does anyone honestly think the Palestinians would be mollified one iota if Israel dismantled every settlement in the West Bank and East Jerusalem? Please.

Unfortunately, Klein (and a lot of liberals like him – Jewish or not) cannot discern between the aspirations of a people who build homes and the aspirations of a people who build bombs.

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