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Rambling Joe
Joe Biden at town hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, February 16, 2021 (YouTube screenshot)

Joe Biden has a besotted media in the palm of his hand. Reporters and pundits continue to gush over his “authenticity,” his endlessly “relatable” personality, and the “decency” that he “radiates.” CNN’s soft town hall with Biden on Tuesday night captured the chummy relationship that he enjoys with the press. It has gone from attack dog to lap dog.

Anderson Cooper’s idea of a probing question was to ask Biden “what it is like” to live in the White House. The multimillionaire Biden said that he is adjusting to its comforts. He is simply not used to the attention of servants who “wait on you.” He relied on such everyman patter for much of the town hall, taking delight in the boast that he was “the poorest man in Congress.”

Biden is loath to level with people and much prefers telling them what they want to hear.

Naturally, he received no pointed questions. He promised to “level” with the American people, even as he retreated into the most pandering and evasive woke politics. On the question of reopening schools, he made no mention of the teachers unions to which he has long been indebted. Those unions stand opposed to reopening, and Biden isn’t about to cross them.

Biden has always been a champion of the self-serving teachers unions. The National Education Association endorsed Biden in March 2020 due to his decades-long shilling for failed public school teachers. During his tenure in the Senate, Biden could always be counted on to oppose whatever reform benefited students — from vouchers to charter schools. Randi Weingarten, who heads the American Federation of Teachers, has called Biden “our North Star.”

Defying these political allies for the welfare of children isn’t in Biden’s makeup. He is keenly aware of the political center of gravity in the Democratic Party. Just as he won’t challenge the teachers unions, so he defers to Black Lives Matter. He devoted many of his answers to an uncritical acceptance of the propaganda that systemic racism permeates American institutions. He also pandered to Black Lives Matter by overstating the influence of “white supremacists.” Far from offering candor or nuance on racial questions, Biden simply repeats the politically correct party line of the Left.

Biden is loath to level with people and much prefers telling them what they want to hear. He got cheap applause by declaring that “no one should go to jail for a drug offense.” He has come a long way from his days as a champion of the war on drugs. Back then, he would have never dared make that comment. In fact, he criticized George H. W. Bush’s war on drugs for being too toothless:

Quite frankly, the president’s plan is not tough enough, bold enough, or imaginative enough to meet the crisis at hand. In a nutshell, the president’s plan does not include enough police officers to catch the violent thugs, enough prosecutors to convict them, enough judges to sentence them, or enough prison cells to put them away for a long time.

So much for that “moderate” Joe. These days he has become an enthusiastic cheerleader for the party’s drive toward drug legalization — a stance it maintains while supposedly fretting over the nation’s “health.” Such contradictions don’t trouble Biden anymore. He is comfortable in his role as a puppet of the far Left.

On the topic of amnesty, he of course endorsed it and defended throwing open America’s borders as harmless. Somehow the insistence that we should err on the side of prudence — the call of the Democrats throughout the coronavirus crisis — never applies to their wildly imprudent immigration policy. It is utterly careless, but Biden tells us that anyone who questions the policy is a nativist lacking in “decency.”

Biden’s capacity for revisionism was also on display during the town hall. He conveniently forgot that he got a vaccine shot before the end of the Trump administration. He spoke as if Trump’s Operation Warp Speed hadn’t happened. Then, on a question related to China, he offered a rambling answer about how he had told Chinese leaders they would have to give up their one-child policy. He didn’t mention that he had also told them that he “fully understands” the policy.

A giggling and obliging Anderson Cooper let all of Biden’s nonsense stand. Afterwards, CNN pundits showered Biden in praise. Propped up by an admiring media, Biden is under no pressure to “level” with the people. If anything, he knows that he can take unchallenged refuge in fashionable and complacent lies.

George Neumayr
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George Neumayr, a senior editor at The American Spectator, is author most recently of The Biden Deception: Moderate, Opportunist, or the Democrats' Crypto-Socialist?
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