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It Wasn’t Just a Few Tweets

In the uproar over Sarah Jeong’s hiring by the New York Times, the focus on her history of hateful rhetoric against white people overlooked her many other expressions of hatred — toward males, Christians, and police officers, among others. While her new employers have apparently accepted Ms. Jeong’s disingenuous excuse that she was “engaged in what I thought of at the time as counter-trolling… intended as satire,” this cannot explain away her demonstrable habit of deliberately insulting entire groups of people. It is not true, as she claimed, that she merely “mimicked the language of my harassers.”

Consider, for example, Ms. Jeong’s oft-expressed contempt for Christians, including her own parents. She “grew up in a conservative evangelical Christian bubble,” but “became an annoying atheist” as a teenager, when she was “trapped in a fundamentalist Christian school.” After attending the University of California-Berkeley and graduating from Harvard Law, Ms. Jeong pronounced herself a member of the “educated left wing elite.” She says she has now “mostly cut myself off from the conservative evangelical community,” and condemns Christians who “indoctrinate children” with “reality-denying belief systems.” Ms. Jeong’s spiteful denunciation of her parents’ faith was not “counter-trolling,” nor was it “intended as satire.” These anti-Christian remarks appear to express her sincere beliefs, no different from her many similar expressions of contempt for other groups.

Police? “Cops f—king suck” and “they’re f—king horrible,” according to this Harvard Law alumna, who hates the men and women whose job it is to enforce the law. She responded to the 2014 race riot in Ferguson, Missouri, by aiming obscenities at the police and declaring “America is f—king racist.” This rhetoric was not a response to harassment, nor was Ms. Jeong “mimicking” anyone as “satire.” Her anti-police sentiments, like her anti-Christian sentiments, are evidently sincere. These opinions are endorsed by her new employers, who share the same “educated left wing elite” worldview. It’s doubtful the New York Times would hire anyone who wasn’t a cop-hating atheist.

Ms. Jeong has routinely expressed her total contempt for males. In August 2014, she tweeted, “Men are too f–king emotional to be let out in public. Jesus Christ,” and followed that with, “Yo. Men. Just get off Twitter. Every man. All of you. You can’t handle this sh—.” She has repeatedly said “all men are garbage.” In July 2014, she tweeted a question: “hey what’s worse, a man who calls himself a feminist, or a man who refuses to call himself a feminist”? To which she answered: “it’s a trick question all men are equally garbage in my eyes.” She has declared “men are innately, unintentionally garbage” (Feb. 24, 2015) and “men are fountains of meaningless garbage and they see every woman as an open landfill for their thoughts” (April 22, 2015).

Because she hates men, Ms. Jeong also condemns heterosexuality, tweeting on February 14, 2014: “A society that revolves around monogamous heterosexual pairings is dull and stultifying. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.” Was this clever “satire,” a joke too nuanced for those of us who are not members of the “educated left wing elite”? Consider that in December 2014, she tweeted: “Head hurting thinking about all the straight women who blame themselves for how unhappy their men make them.” A minute later, she added another tweet: “Being a straight woman is like being attracted to garbage heaps made of radioactive arsenic.” Ms. Jeong’s meaning could not be clearer: Because men are “garbage,” all they do is make women unhappy in the “dull and stultifying” society defined by “heterosexual pairings.” In case this wasn’t clear, however, she tweeted in May 2017: “If marriage and the family are historically oppressive institutions that continue to be oppressive worldwide, why not abolish them?” This was not a random remark. Ms. Jeong is a former editor of the Harvard Journal of Law & Gender, after all, and her feminist hatred of the marriage-based family was made even more explicit following the June 2015 Supreme Court’s Obergefell same-sex marriage decision. Ms. Jeong tweeted that “the regulation of marriage is state protectionism due to a long case history of men being garbage,” and added, “of course, men were only able to be such garbage because patriarchy but it’s not like we’ve abolished patriarchy yet.”

This was not “counter-trolling” or “satire,” this was the declaration of a committed feminist ideologue, and her various anti-white comments (e.g., “Dumbass f—king white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs p—sing on fire hydrants”) are entirely consistent with her general worldview. The problem is not merely that, as Daniel Flynn observes, “Some racism is more equal than others.” It is that the Harvard Law alumna and her bosses at the New York Times are all members of the “educated left wing elite,” and dismiss as undeserving of consideration any viewpoint expressed by anyone who is not a member of that elite.

No one at Harvard or at the New York Times will speak a word in favor of white people, Christians, heterosexuals, or police officers. There is a consensus among the elite that “social justice” requires the destruction of all institutions (including religion, marriage and the family) that do not advance the purposes of their soi-disant “progressive” agenda. While pretending to believe that Ms. Jeong’s crude anti-white rhetoric was misguided “satire” which she now regrets, her employers at the New York Times have made clear on many previous occasions that they consider anti-white sentiment acceptable, so long as helps to elect Democrats. Everything is politics and politics is everything in the minds of the “educated left wing elite,” and the white males at the New York Times would probably commit suicide en masse if they believed such a gesture might help Nancy Pelosi win back the House Speaker’s gavel in November.

Ms. Jeong shares one quality essential to employment at the New York Times, namely that she is fundamentally dishonest. She does not “regret” spewing hatred against men, white people, police, etc. She genuinely hates them, and merely regrets that her hateful comments were called to public attention. Like any other atheist, she feels free to lie with impunity, certain there is no God to call her to account for her lies, and she will say whatever is necessary for her selfish purposes.

“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,” as the Apostle Paul said of the pagan Romans. In repudiating Christianity to become a member of the “educated left wing elite,” Ms. Jeong has made her bargain with the Devil, and the New York Times. But I repeat myself.

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