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It Can Only Be Paul Ryan

Here’s how writing for a British audience can clarify the American scene for U.S. readers.

This is by Chris Caldwell, from his weekly Financial Times column:

Only two people on the Republican side can make a serious case that they are more relevant to the moment than Mr Obama. There is the fat, blunt, union-busting New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who has said he will not run for president. And there is Mr Ryan himself — a level-headed and kindly man who represents a pro-Obama district. Now, if you press Mr Ryan hard enough, you can hear a lot of 1980s supply-side thinking coming out of him, of the kind the public distrusts. Democrats’ main priority for the past two months has been to expose this side of him. In fact, Democrats have focused on discrediting Mr Ryan’s reforms since late 2009. They see clearly, even if his fellow Republicans do not, that he is the logical, cometh-the-hour, cometh-the-man candidate for 2012. It would be cowardly of Republicans to nominate anyone else.

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