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Holt in the Name of the Law

Dear Lester Holt,

Thank you for moderating the debate Monday night between Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton Abedin and myself this Monday night. Your exquisite journalistic equipoise rendered the evening spectacular in its moderation.

If I may, I would like to append a supplemental point to one of my responses, which was sadly foreshortened by the timing restrictions. Many of my answers were half-baked due to this excess of shortening. In particular, I wished to defend my attitude towards women but was inhibited by horological considerations.

But I was particularly disturbed by your attributing the “birther” issue to racism. The implication is that I only challenged Mister Obama to produce his Hawaii birth certificate so I could tar the baby as being born in Kenya. That is easily refuted by my challenge of Ted Cruz for being born in Canada. Even the most seasoned race-baiters like the Wealthy Southern Poverty Law Center could not interpret Canada as a code word or a dog whistle. Clearly, I am interested in the question of whether the Constitutional requirement of “natural born citizen” indicates birth within our borders. Perhaps your friends do not see the relevance of this, because they are unaware that we have borders.

Indeed, had I been active when George Romney was running for the Republican Presidential nomination in the 1968 primaries, I might have raised the issue of his birth in Mexico. Nor was I overly thrilled by John McCain’s birth in the Panama Canal Zone. In any case, there is a legitimate Constitutional question that should be adjudicated as soon as possible.

Incidentally, Jesse Jackson ran for the Democratic Presidential nomination, as did Al Sharpton. No one accused them of being born in Kenya, or any other locale that cultivates reasonable and decent people. Obama brought this accusation upon himself, by claiming to be from Kenya in the promotional materials for his first book. He is the pro who started the con, so there is no reason to up the anti climax of your accusation at me.

The truth is that the issue should have been resolved early on, by the press doing their job. Had Lester Holt pressed Barack Obama at the time to produce his certificate of live birth, this controversy would have been quickly laid to rest. Instead, you cared less-to-hold the President to his obligation for transparency than you care now to expose my negative. This gives the voter a snapshot of the partisan media. Because you protected Obama at the time you get to attack me now or, as we say in Britain – where I have a terrific golf resort, by the way – “In for a shilling in for a pound.”

You covered for Obama instead of covering him. You uncovered nothing, you discovered nothing, you recovered nothing, because you covered nothing. Shame on you.

Furthermore, if there was creepy behavior going on here, it was mostly the province of the honored lulu himself, who used the Hawaiian punch to marginalize legitimate citizens. Were they treating him like an Uncle Tom? He could have deflated this political football but he preferred to suspend patriots.

Yes, Obama coulda shoulda wouldn’t release the certificate until a whole series of lawsuits had been pressed. He took some macabre glee from taunting people who asked a reasonable question. Yet instead of chastising him for that impolitic conduct, you accept his absurd premise that racism informed the doubters and you accuse me of… what, Conspiracy to Commit Citizenship?

Lester, you of all people are accusing us as a country or me as an individual of racism? We are all chipping in to pay you millions to read the news; all we ask is to drop the chip off your shoulder and shoulder your obligation to ask the tough questions uniformly to all comers. You are the pot calling the kettle… er, you are the wok calling the samovar white. Enough already with the bias market on accusations, enough selling America short.

My birth certificate is available, by the way. I was born in Queens and worked with my Dad in Brooklyn and eventually moved on up the road to Manhattan. In the streets of New York we praised toughness and ambition and individuality but we always demanded honesty. That is the birth certificate I am prepared to proudly display to the American People over the next eight years.


Donald J. Trump

P.S. Your tie last night was a tad too “moderate” as well. You might want to have a look at our terrific collection.

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