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Las políticas de izquierda son una amenaza para la supervivencia de la vida humana

Since 2007, the birth rate in the United States has plummeted by 20 percent. Not that the rest of the Western world is much better off. In fact, the downward trend on the Old Continent is somewhat less marked, but only because of the immense demographic boost from the children brought in through immigration. The situation might not be so alarming, just a pendular fluctuation, if it were not for the fact that the first enemy against the birth rate is the government itself. (Or perhaps we are all suddenly very ugly.)

I was thinking about this when I saw Mr. Levine, assistant secretary of health, who claims to be Mrs. Levine, making some disturbing statements about what really matters to the Biden administration: “I can say that you, the children that you serve, the young people that you serve, their families, and you all have support at the highest levels of the federal government. President Biden supports you. I as the Assistant Secretary for Health will support you and I talk about this topic, everywhere I go, to get the word out.”

It is not just that the government is not working to make it easier for families to have children. It’s worse. It’s that, if you examine the different policies that affect the things between our legs, you will realize that the main predator of human beings is the government.

Beyond the infamous river of blood from abortion, the great infant genocide of our era, the shame of an entire civilization, and beyond economic management that seems designed by Herod himself, the Democrats work tirelessly to hinder the fertile life of human beings in many other ways.

Levine and Biden want to ensure and promote sexual confusion among children, those most vulnerable to manipulation, in order to finally amputate their balls, pump them with hormones, and destroy their sexuality, seriously diminishing their chances of having children using, let’s say, natural methods. Levine said he’s optimistic that medically transitioning children will become normalized: “But I’m a positive and optimistic person, and I choose to be positive, optimistic. And I think that the wheels will turn on this.”

Planned Parenthood, friend to the government and its main ally in the great extermination campaign, devotes rivers of ink to the issue of transition, which is the euphemism they use to refer to the fact that one day you are Richard and the next you can be Rachel. In this prestigious company — AKA multinational abortion corporation — they have a guidebook dedicated to people who want to make that change. There they explain the thousand ways in which you can make the supposed transition, among which they recommend girls to use binders to flatten their breasts and boys to use different fillers for their tits, hips, and ass. To guys, they also advise “tucking, hiding your penis and/or scrotum to make your groin flatter,” and to girls “packing, using items like a packer, cup, or balled-up socks to give your groin a bulge.” They call all this “non-medical physical transition” and recommend doing it until the “medical transition” arrives.

Of course, in the medical transition, they list an infinite number of terrifying methods ranging from having vocal cord surgery (DIY advice: in reality, if they cut off your penis without anesthesia, you can forego the vocal cords operation), or constructing a penis with other parts of the body (extracted from the brain most probably), to cutting off the sexual organs while preserving eggs to have biological children in the future. I suppose that this last detail is the government’s alibi to argue that trans promotion has no impact on the birth rate, as in the past they also said that homosexuality would have no effect either, in a pirouette of imaginary politics quite difficult to support from a biological point of view.

Only the local intervention of some Republicans is managing to put a stop to all this in some states. The general rule, if you notice, is that it is already easier to cut off a child’s testicles than to discipline your dog. Biden, who at the end of 2022 passed five laws in one day to protect the lives of animals, has not passed a single one in defense of human beings. This might explain his heroic record of fighting for the survival of dolphins, Canadian seals, whales, horses, roosters, and countless exotic species, but the lack of a single DDHL (Democrat Defending Human Life), who went extinct before the dinosaurs did. His history of child protection work is best not made public.

Perhaps it is time for some conservatives to broaden the pro-life discourse. Left-wing policies need to be presented for what they are: a threat to the survival of human life.

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