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Cinco cosas rápidas: la era del consenso político ha muerto
President Joe Biden (The White House)

When I say “Five Quick Things,” I recognize I’m usually lying.

Of course, as brevity is in short supply in this space, I require you to judge not harshly the definition of “quick.”

But seriously — I mean it this time. Welcome to Five Quick Things, Fast and Furious Edition.

1. It’s War by Other Means. Get Used to It.

I had a piece at RVIVR Thursday talking about the open warfare that erupted when the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee’s Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government began its review of the Twitter Files controversy. You’ve probably seen a taste by now of how that went; the RVIVR piece has a bunch of videos you might not have seen.

So feel free to check it out. In the interest of brevity, I’ll just come to the conclusion, which is this: what you saw in that hearing, with the lead Democrat — someone named Stacey Plaskett, who represents a string of pina colada bars in Charlotte Amalie — telling Matt Taibbi and Michael Schellenberger that they’re “so-called journalists” and Sylvia Garcia and Debbie Wasserman Schultz demanding Taibbi reveal his source for the Twitter Files, was a declaration of war.

Obviously, the war has already been declared. Maybe instead we can call this a declaration of battle within the war. And specifically, if the GOP majority wants to do real congressional oversight, they’re going to get real congressional obstruction by any means necessary.

Yesterday’s column about the obstruction of the urban Democrat machine in Jackson, Mississippi, to the state legislature’s efforts to wrest control of police and water infrastructure away from them now that they’ve utterly failed to provide those services is the same thing. They will fight to the death on everything because it’s their expectation that the Republicans will ultimately give up and go away.

So, a word to the wise among the reformers and the revivalists in Mississippi and D.C. and elsewhere — gird your loins. There is no political consensus in America anymore, and the people on the other side of the fight lack good faith, ethics, and shame. Be ready for war, because it’s here.

2. Now HERE Is a Book I’ll Buy

This is a low-down dirty, nasty thing to do, but who can blame the man? It isn’t like he drew first blood.

Former President Trump, in a new book, plans to reveal 150 private letters sent to him — including one from Oprah Winfrey in 2000 in which she says: “Too bad we’re not running for office. What a team!”

The big picture: Trump writes that he still considers Winfrey “amazing” — but admits it’s not mutual: “Sadly, once I announced for President, she never spoke to me again.”

Why it matters: The book, called “Letters to Trump,” is a flashback to the days when famous people frequently wrote chatty letters to each other — and when Trump was the toast of many bold-face names.

And it isn’t like Oprah’s going to say worse things about Trump than she’s already said. He has nothing to lose.

No, it isn’t presidential. But if he can profit off it before the presidential race gets started, what the hell. Trump’s ordeal in politics largely exempts him from the standards (along with, for certain, the deference) generally associated with the office in question.

3. What a Horrid, Ungrateful Jerk This Guy Is

I really feel for Colin Kaepernick’s adoptive parents. They gave him a good life and he was a happy, successful, elite athlete until he got mixed up with the wrong woman and now the misery he’s inflicted on himself is somehow their fault.

The sad thing about this is that Kaepernick really thinks racism is what destroyed his life. That’s a function of his defective intellect and character, but it’s also a function of the culture in which he marinates. It’s obviously not just Kaepernick espousing these kinds of excuses for personal misery.

4. Look How Stupid and Terrible This Is

I say this all the time, but yes, Joe Biden is stupid. But he isn’t THAT stupid, or at least he didn’t used to be. Now, sure, he’s demented and senile, and that can pretty easily pass for stupid.

But the thing isn’t that he’s stupid. It’s that he thinks YOU’RE stupid. Because his voters are, and it’s what he’s counted on — with success — all his political life.

We want to defund the FBI because it isn’t a police department but rather a politicized secret police department.

A national police force, which is what the Obamunists who run Joe Biden are slowly building, is how you get away with defunding local police departments. Don’t mistake the “defund the police” crowd as not wanting cops. They want them, all right, the same way the Soviets and Nazis wanted cops. And it’s the objection to a federal gestapo, in the Bizarro World narratives of Team Biden, that is lawlessness.

Up is down, black is white, it’s all twisted, and they don’t care if it makes sense. They’re about power, not truth and certainly not peace.

5. A Primer on Your Future, Or at Least the One They Want for You

Courtesy of the Babylon Bee, which is an indispensable link back to the free America of old…

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