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Combatir el mal con buenas ideas patrióticas pasadas de moda

Between Tucker Carlson’s sharing de video from Jan. 6, the Twitter Files congressional hearings featuring Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger, which demonstrate the government’s censorship mission, and Gov. Ron DeSantis’ reading of porn books from various school districts in Florida to illustrate why “banning” is necessary, it’s clear that something is not right in America.

Things that used to be obvious, like a defendant’s right to have access to exculpatory evidence, the injustice of the government paying nongovernmental institutions to have Americans’ speech censored through fascistic means, and the inappropriateness of porn being shared in schools, are now no longer obvious. Democrats, and the communist ideology driving them, are throwing out civil liberties, decrying freedom of the press, censoring Americans, and pornifying America’s increasingly dumber schoolchildren. Evil is running amok.

Naomi Wolf wrote a piece on her Substack musing about the evil that has infected the West and more specifically America. She wonders if God’s favor is being removed from our nation because we have rejected God. Have the old pagan gods returned because God has been pushed out of America? Scott McKay and I discussed this in our most recent podcast, which can be found here. Wolf is alarmed because of the cavalier lies told by government officials to defend their COVID policies and the indifference and evil imposed on Americans because of those lies. She is alarmed by the legacy of the lies and how they’ve perverted every aspect of life. The lies came in and God was pushed out. In God’s place, evil principalities and powers swept in. She says:

The sheer amoral power of Baal, the destructive force of Moloch, the unrestrained seductiveness and sexual licentiousness of Astarte or Ashera — those are the primal forces that do indeed seem to me to have “returned.”

Or at least the energies that they represent — moral power-over; death-worship; antagonism to the sexual orderliness of the intact family and faithful relationships — seem to have ‘returned,’ without restraint, since 2020.

Will America escape from being enthralled by the false gods? Can she even if she wants to or is she too far lost? Must Americans succumb to raw will to power, death worship, and sexual chaos permanently?

Escaping this murky place is being impeded because formerly good things are being framed as evil. The prophet Isaiah said, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” That’s American leftism.

Being American used to mean three loves: love God, love your family, and love your country. Now, serious God believers are viewed with suspicion, families are being torn apart by debauched notions of sex, and love of country, once known as patriotism, is dismissed as extremism.

God believers are viewed as bigots. FBI agents were sent into Catholic churches. Dedicated orthodox Christians are being surveilled because a good thing, worshipping God, is now considered evil. There have been multiple attacks on churches and that stumps some religious leaders. It shouldn’t. God believers are nearly always portrayed negatively. This is especially true for God believers who continue to hold traditional values, values that were mainstream until about three years ago and are now considered bad. “Radical” ideas, like that adultery is bad, marriage is between a man and a woman, and abortion is terrible and, as Hillary Clinton said, “should be rare,” are laughed at as backward. The sanctity of marriage, wanting babies to live, and being against wanton sexual perversion puts Christians outside the mainstream now.

Families were destroyed through the COVID epidemic. They were forcibly separated. Grandparents were abandoned, alone, in facilities, unable to be around family. When they got sick, they weren’t visited. As they died, no one was with them. Then, unless one’s name was George Floyd, a funeral could not be held for the deceased … in some cases for a year. When the government tried to force people to be vaccinated with an mRNA treatment that did not prevent the transmission of disease, fathers and mothers had to make a decision between violating their conscience or losing their jobs. Some of those who lost jobs had served through the pandemic as doctors, nurses, EMTs, police officers, firemen, grocery store workers, and on and on. They had endured the virus, acquired natural immunity, and taken care of their fellow man, and for their sacrifice, they were fired if they refused a worthless vaccine. Families were torn apart by this madness. Leftists, notably, were all for people being fired from their jobs for not complying. Who cares if a family goes hungry? Children suffered alone at home. Left to their own devices, children lived on the internet and slid into oblivion.

Love of country? What’s that? Who is proud of a country that is filled with racism and sexism and inequity? Any form of loving America has been framed as being a “Christian nationalist” (whatever that is) or fascist. Anti-fascists, who use fascistic techniques, are raging communists bent on destruction. The government, led by America-hating radicals, condones the evil. Flying an American flag is viewed as a subversive act because only dumb Trumpers love America. It’s no surprise, then, that with the anti-Americans in charge of the government, military recruitment is woefully down and inadequate at the very time leftists are making the world more dangerous. America-loving young people are being told by their parents to no serve — not because they don’t love their country, but because they do. They don’t want their decent and moral children to be treated indecently and put in immoral positions.

Good things, the best things, have been ruined by people bent on elevating lies, ugliness, the stupid, and the slothful. Truth has been tortured in service to the state. Families tore themselves asunder, divided by fear and sanctimony. The country has been reduced to distrust.

The solution to fight all of this is actually quite simple. First, there’s the obvious thing: move to places where freedom still exists in some form and then go to that place and fight like a badger to keep it. Second, though, is to rebel. And to be a rebel, one need only do three things: love God, love your family, and love your country. Go to church and worship and reconnect with God. Associate with those you choose. Recommit to family. Put away the devices and spend time in the great outdoors. Plant a garden, learn to hunt, raise a puppy, play catch, ride bikes, just get out in nature together. Loving your country means fighting for your country. Do not be deterred. Attend a school board meeting. Heck! Run for office, if you must. Drive up to your state’s capitol and fight for freedom-loving legislation. Take back power from the bureaucracy by passing laws limiting them. Fight to defund the government. Money is power. Deprive them of it. Empower families with school choice and vouchers. Fight forced union dues. The list is endless. Be a rebel and fight for freedom.

Scott McKay said on our podcast this week that the fight is not over until good people stop fighting. A revival es possible. (Read his book, El Manifiesto Revivalista.) The fruits of these communist actions are rotten. Cities are crime-ridden. Children are failing standardized testing. Economic misery is following every Democrat decision. There’s hope that people will see these terrible consequences and look for a better way.

Conservatives can live a better way. Go to church. Get married. Have kids. Defend freedom. God and family are the bulwark against the malice of a godless, all-powerful state. When families rise, the state declines. It will happen one freedom fighter and family at a time. Good old-fashioned patriotic ideas can save America.

The last word goes to the poet Dylan Thomas. Here’s the second-to-last stanza of his poem, “Do not go gentle into that good night”:

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

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