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Ellie Gardey
Ellie Gardey es reportera y editora asociada en El espectador americano. Es graduada de la Universidad de Notre Dame, donde estudió ciencias políticas, filosofía y periodismo. ellie ha escrito previamente para el Llamada diaria, Arreglo universitario, y Rover irlandés. Ella es originaria de Michigan. Síguela en Twitter en @EllieGardey. Póngase en contacto con ella en egardey@spectator.org.
por | 22 de marzo de 2023

Former Biden press secretary Jen Psaki debuted her MSNBC show on Sunday. It was a disappointing start: She did not deviate one inch from the Biden administration and voiced everything in singsong as though she were speaking to a 5-year-old….

por | Mar 20, 2023

La historia de Jazz Jennings, cuyos padres comenzaron sus intentos de convertirlo en mujer cuando solo tenía 5 años, tuvo un gran impacto en la aceptación del transexualismo en Estados Unidos. Como un niño que hacía apariciones en televisión...

por | 16 de marzo de 2023

Politico published a piece Thursday that concludes, on the basis of interviews with 12 of her former campaign staffers, that spiritual-author-turned-Democratic-presidential-candidate Marianne Williamson — the one who always preached about the need for a return to love and forgiveness in…

por | 15 de marzo de 2023

Four payments of $25,000. That’s the amount California Gov. Gavin Newsom requested the now-defunct Silicon Valley Bank give his wife’s woke “gender equity” foundation, the California Partners Project, in 2021. The foundation doubles as a PR platform for Jennifer Siebel…

por | 8 de marzo de 2023

Over the past decade, there has been a steady march toward the legalization of marijuana, with 21 states having legalized its recreational use since 2012. There have been some recent headwinds to that effort, as voters in Arkansas, North Dakota,…

por | Ene 24, 2023

It may be hard to believe, but California Gov. Gavin Newsom is Catholic. He was baptized in the Church, attended Catholic elementary schools and a Catholic university, got married in the Catholic Church, and still maintains identification with his faith….

por | Ene 21, 2023

For 50 years, tens of thousands of people faithful to the cause of protecting the unborn have annually descended on Washington, D.C. to bear witness against the evil of abortion. This year’s March for Life, however, existed in an entirely…

por | 15 de ene de 2023

During his first gubernatorial campaign, now-Gov. Gavin Newsom made a truly shocking — and horrifying — admission. Newsom told a reporter from the New Yorker that in 2002, when he was on San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors, his 55-year-old mother,…

por | Ene 13, 2023

The U.K. and Poland have confirmed that they are planning on sending Ukraine modern tanks, a development that would be a major boon to the Ukrainian war effort. Poland intends to send German-developed Leopard tanks, while the U.K. plans to…

por | 12 de ene de 2023

The Biden administration had the perfect way to get rid of Trump. The former president appeared to have stonewalled the Department of Justice from obtaining classified documents containing national-security material. An obstruction charge looked to be a relatively simple prosecution,…

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