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Does Donald Trump Have Jeffrey Epstein’s List of Clients?

Does Donald Trump have Jeffrey Epstein’s list of clients? The Deep State, Bureaucracy, Swamp, Administrative State, Military-Industrial Complex, Democrats, Media, Establishment Republicans, and crew are acting like Trump is Satan incarnate. At this point their loathing seems overwrought, to understate it. Every norm is being thrown out for a man who governed in a perfunctory way. At first, the hysteria seemed just like partisan hyperventilating. Now, the actions are shrill hysteria. Only one thing causes this kind of collective freakout in Washington, D.C.: fear.

What about Donald Trump makes these people so afraid?

Thus, I return to my first question: Does Donald Trump have Jeffrey Epstein’s list of clients? Trump must have the goods on these people, because they’ve done everything to the man short of assassinate him.

Their actions since Trump first ran for office have been strangely “extra.” The Clintons, Hillary, cooked up the lie about Trump and Russia. She didn’t have to reach far to make up a story. It was basically the truth of the Bidens, down to the Russian hookers and drugs. This made-up story consumed the Deep State. The worst part was that it knew the whole thing was bogus from the beginning. It was simply a pretext to spy on someone those in D.C. didn’t have enough dirt on. Trump has continuously been under surveillance since. Why? Was Hillary just embarrassed by Trump’s retort at one of their presidential debates that “you’d be in jail”? It has to be more than that.

The powers in D.C. won’t stop. As I wrote last week, they’re creating the very thing they want to destroy.

D.C. elites have decided to commit to the destruction of America over one man.

Ron DeSantis waits in the wings. He’s been uncharacteristically quiet about the FBI’s raid of Trump in his own state. Like other presidential hopefuls before him, DeSantis needs to understand something fundamental: The guns the Deep State is using against Donald Trump will be turned on any Republican in power or seeking power. DeSantis would do well to enthusiastically denounce what is happening to President Trump. He’ll be on the chopping block next. Deal with the internecine rivalry later.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has skedaddled from D.C., avoiding any questions about what he knows (hint: He knows what FBI Director Christopher Wray is up to, just as Attorney General Merrick Garland admitted to green-lighting the raid on Mar-a-Lago.) Just to throw a little extra contempt at the American people, Biden’s coke-headed adult kid, Hunter, was with him on Air Force One and is vacationing on the United States taxpayer’s dime even as he can’t pay his debts.

Speaking of corrupt sons of political juggernauts, Nancy Pelosi’s brat Paul was on her business trip to Taiwan. Oh, you thought that she was being brave and courageous and confronting China? No, it was all about that scratch, and she’s passing the corruption baton off to Paul. Read more about that sordidness here.

These utterly corrupt leaders are leading a fight against someone they deem an existential threat.

The FBI raid on Trump’s home was not about some missing documents. No, this has to do with Jan. 6. As George Parry writes here, an indictment is coming. I have been on the record as saying that it will come after Labor Day Weekend. It will be for sedition or seditious conspiracy or something of that nature. There’s scant evidence for this, and there’s outright exculpatory evidence (why, for example, would Trump ask for extra security and defense the day before Jan. 6 if he was trying to overtake the government?), but that won’t matter to a D.C. jury. Further, even if, by some miracle, a fair D.C. jury could be found, it will be of zero consequence. The pain of the process is the point. Causing Trump to have to divide his energy, defend himself, get frustrated, make mistakes, lose, and fight distracts him and will distract the American people from the absolute debacle the Democrats have created of the economy. This will mean Trump can’t be on some states’ ballots because he’s indicted. That’s the point. (READ MORE: Washington’s Incurable Case of Trump Derangement Syndrome)

The FBI spent 10 hours rifling through the president’s house. They raided Melania’s closet. They touched her things. They manhandled the president’s possessions. The violation is the point. The sensation of being unsafe everywhere is the idea. Trump likely has a rat amongst his closest confidants. And no wonder: Everyone in Trump’s orbit is running scared, confessing to sins uncommitted, making up stories, and straight-up lying to save themselves. The actions of the government are the use of raw, unbridled power against a political opponent. The mob has more respect.

D.C. elites fear and loathe Donald Trump. They have decided to commit to the destruction of America over one man. These are the actions of people who believe that they have nothing to lose. They’re willing to bring down the whole Republic rather than be governed by Donald Trump. The only alternative to this explanation is that they’re this superficial, petty, and deranged.

If it’s the latter, know this: Undermining the authority of the office undermines anyone in the office. That is, Biden may view Trump as a villain deserving every indignity and so commit all those possible because Trump has “earned” it. But you cannot degrade the office in this way without degrading yourself – especially when you hold the same office. The office of the presidency has been irrevocably diminished by actions like the ones Democrats and Republicans like Liz Cheney have taken. They have crapped where they eat, as it were.

The only place America can go at this point is down. Far from saving America, Trump’s enemies are dismantling any remnant of trust in the various institutions they run. They’re openly raping the Republic to enrich themselves while hiring 87,000 armed mercenaries to enrich them further. This is end-of-the-Republic stuff, and yet Washington, D.C., elites hound Trump.

What does Trump have on these people that they’re so terrified?

Melissa Mackenzie
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Melissa Mackenzie is Publisher of The American Spectator. Melissa commentates for the BBC and has appeared on Fox. Her work has been featured at The Guardian, PJ Media, and was a front page contributor to RedState. Melissa commutes from Houston, Texas to Alexandria, VA. She lives in Houston with her two sons, one daughter, and two diva rescue cats. You can follow Ms. Mackenzie on Twitter: @MelissaTweets.
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