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Democrats With Bylines


The liberal media’s determination to elect Hillary Clinton to the White House has become blatantly transparent in their coverage of the Republican National Convention here. Anyone who ever doubted that major network news operations are staffed with partisan Democrats needed only have observed the way allegedly “objective” reporters inflated Melania Trump’s opening-night speech into a phony scandal that absorbed hour after hour of coverage. The immediate reaction to Mrs. Trump’s speech was positive, but then someone pointed out uncanny similarities between three sentences in her speech and Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech at the Democratic National Convention. The media went into hysterics: “Plagiarism! Scandal!”

This rather minor incident was treated as The Biggest Story in American Political History. The morning shows on the networks — CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, CBS, NBC and ABC — devoted a combined total of 130 minutes to covering “MelaniaGate,” according to an analysis by Mike Ciandella and Rich Noyes of the Media Research Center. CNN alone spent nearly 45 minutes talking about Mrs. Trump’s alleged plagiarism Tuesday morning, as if this was a matter of major national importance.

Why? The most obvious explanation is that the TV networks are run by Democrats who consider it their professional duty to provide negative coverage of Republicans. After a protester from the far-left group Code Pink attempted to stage a disruption Monday inside the Quicken Loans Arena, ABC New reporter Terry Moran claimed this incident was symbolic of what “a dark night” the convention had been. “Donald Trump has been a candidate whose approach has divided many people, drawn protesters,” Moran said, terming the lone protester’s act an illustration of “the kind of unsettled emotions that Donald Trump has sparked in many people around the country.” Of course, kooks from Code Pink — founded in 2002 by radical leftists Jodie Evans and Medea Benjamin — have staged disruptive protests in all kinds of settings, but Terry Moran blamed their bizarre antics on Trump.

Meanwhile, on NBC, Tom Brokaw was accusing Republicans of communicating “a pretty divisive message.” According to Brokaw, the GOP convention made “no attempt to really pull the country together.” CNN is following the conclusion of each night’s RNC proceedings by doing a “Reality Check,” essentially a pro-Democrat pushback against major statements made by speakers at the Republican convention. Does anyone — anyone — believe that CNN will be diligently fact-checking Democrats when they convene next week in Philadelphia to nominate Hillary Clinton? Of course not. No one expects honesty or balance from the major media anymore. Every day brings new proof that most political journalists are simply “Democrats with bylines,” as Professor Glenn Reynolds calls them.

No one watching network coverage of this allegedly “dark” and “divisive” convention would suspect that the Republicans gathered in Cleveland this week are having a grand time. Restaurants and bars along Euclid Avenue and the 4th Street corridor are crowded with delegates and guests. Every day, there are cocktail receptions and every night, there are invitation-only parties, and so that the people actually attending the RNC are seeing an event that is fun, fun, fun, while folks at home watching TV are being told that this convention is about fear, fear, fear.

Tuesday night, the “LGBT for Trump” coalition threw a party at a ballroom a few blocks away from the convention. Security was heavy at the event, because one of the guests was Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician whose blunt warnings about the dangers of radical Islam have made him a target of terrorist threats. Does anyone watching the GOP convention on TV understand that there are gay Republicans who understand that the June attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando is a potential harbinger of what the LGBT community might face unless something is done to stop ISIS and other Muslim terrorist groups? Yet as serious as the danger is, the mood at Tuesday’s “Wake Up” party at the Wolstein Center at Cleveland State University was cheerful and optimistic. Donald Trump represents hope for a new direction in American policy — a direction that won’t please the media arbiters of political correctness, but one that is serious about keeping Americans safe.

The liberals who run TV news decided before this convention began what the narrative of the story would be, and therefore they are willing to ignore that actual events, to distort the proceedings to fit their preconceptions of who Trump is, and what his campaign stands for. Gay Republicans concerned about radical Islam? No, you’re not going to see that on CNN, because it doesn’t conform to their liberal worldview, any more than do the black Republicans or Hispanic Republicans or any other supporters of Donald Trump whose identity doesn’t match the media’s biased stereotype of what the GOP is about.

At 7:12 p.m. Tuesday, the vote of the New York delegation — announced by Donald Trump Jr. — put Trump over the top, officially making him the 2016 Republican nominee. The triumph of Trump brings the GOP into direct confrontation with its greatest opponent — not Hillary Clinton, but a major media establishment that is to all intents and purposes a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party.

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