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Avoid Trouble When You’ve Got It Good


The end stages of both single and multi-table poker tournaments are a matter of walking the tightrope. The blinds are so high relative to the size of most players’ stacks that one wrong move can cause a player to bust out. Caution is king. Since we know that most players are going to be careful […]

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PC on Music Row


It’s worse than we thought. Later than we thought. The totalitarian PC enforcers have even established a beachhead in country music. COUNTRY MUSIC!! Darkness and devils! Hives and hemorrhoids! Is anything or anywhere safe? Country has always been the music home of more traditional, down-home, red-white-and-blue Americanos. Other music genres may have gone over to […]

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Save Facebook From the Evil Within


Nearly 70% of American adults use Facebook and they spend roughly 35 minutes per day on the medium. That’s over a half hour daily on a social media platform. It’s not time well-spent. Too much time on Facebook provokes envy which results in fear of missing out which ends in depression.  Harvard Business School lists […]

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Obama’s Secret M.I.T. Talk


The scandal with Obama’s secret M.I.T. talk isn’t that Obama demands secrecy from people he speaks to, including the media. The scandal is that the attendees and media comply. Reason Magazine received a recording of the event but they’re not giving away their sources. The media and speech goers were told that they would never […]

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Ebbing, Missouri Week


It’s best to think of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri as a sort of cinematic parable about forgiveness — both of others and of ourselves. But I’m sorry to say that many viewers who hope for a spiritual experience will be put off by the mannerisms of its Anglo-Irish writer-director, Martin McDonagh, already on display in his earlier film, […]

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Who Is Doing the Slandering?


Last week, CNN threw together an arena of grieving and outraged families who had either lost a child or lost a classmate in a massacre by a young man wielding a rifle. Let’s pause for a moment and consider the disgusting amorality of exploiting people in this shocked and horrified state. Sure, the people consented […]

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Twenty Reasons Mass Killings Happen


Lizzie Borden likely got away with murdering her dad and step-mom. She used an ax when procuring poison didn’t work. She was acquitted for her crimes, for which there was copious evidence, by a jury of twelve mustachioed men. The whole sordid account is here. The idea that a young woman was an ax-wielding murderess was […]

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Normalizing Democrat Violence


Bette Midler doesn’t like Republicans. She hates them. Her Twitter feed is a non-stop bilge pump of vitriol. Where’s Rand Paul’s neighbor when we need him? — Bette Midler (@BetteMidler) February 9, 2018 Bette Midler didn’t like Senator Paul’s perspective on the budget. Her mean tweet received nearly 4,000 RT’s and 23,000 “likes” referencing a […]

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Free Speech for Me, But Not Against One with an Allergy


“For one vital element of humor is inequality, and striking visual, aural, and physical differences,” Paul Johnson writes in his slim 2010 book Humorists. “Differences in sex, age, color, race, religion, physical ability, and strength lie at the source of probably a majority of jokes since the beginning of human self-consciousness.” If this is true, […]

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America Needs a Counterrevolution


Culturally speaking, America is a wreck. Today, the United States has lost its unquestioned dominance over the world. America remains the first power among equals, but America’s once-considerable lead is essentially gone. The beginning of the end of American dominance occurred during our cultural revolution in the 1960s. Thanks to the Left’s “long-march through the […]

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