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Open Season on Marriage


Once a long time ago it was thought that the only thing more shaming to a man than being a cuckold was being a wittol or wittold, which was a cuckold who knew he was a cuckold and didn’t do anything about it. Now the word is all but gone out of the language — […]

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Falling in Love With the World


Illness can make life feel small. I remember how friends disappeared when I got really sick at age sixteen. No more school, parties, soccer, and bike trips. Girls? Forget it. A sense of immovable isolation came over me for many months, a heavy blanket blocking the joy of being young and alive. All of this […]

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NASA’s Dangerous Alien Invitation


The New Horizons spacecraft flawlessly accomplished its designated mission. It explored the dwarf planet Pluto and will be sending back to Earth a treasure trove of data that astronomers are salivating to analyze as it continues to soar out beyond our solar system. New Horizons has joined four other unmanned U.S. spacecraft hurtling out of […]

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Mother Privilege


There’s lots of talk of “privilege” these days. If a person is using that word, they’re often saying, “You might want to check your privilege.” Well, yesterday, I checked my privilege. I’m a mother. Birthing a child and becoming a mother is something that only a human with a uterus can do. It’s the ultimate privilege. […]

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A Triggered Trump Hater’s (Literal) Primal Scream


If one didn’t know better, this screaming young art major seems like a Deliverance movie reject. As people around her fumble awkwardly and others step in and try to help her, she continues her primal lament in the face of someone who disagrees with her – a Trump supporter. WATCH: A College student launches the […]

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The Bayou Taliban


America slowly replaces its memorials with amnesials. The transformation means America necessarily becomes another place with hardly anyone the wiser. If “amnesials” do not ring a bell, not to fret. They are designed to make you forget. The city of New Orleans — the oft-flooded place and not the train with 15 cars, 15 restless […]

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Fear and Courage in Iraq, Mostly Fear


American Sniper, a movie I loved, tried to do everything. It explored the hell of war and the essence of brotherhood. It followed the book by the Texas super sniper Chris Kyle, told a love story, and drew attention to the veterans we are neglecting. It succeeded. Some critics had trouble appreciating the film — […]

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No Omertà for Olmert


Diederik van Hoogstraten has done a fine job in these pages reviewing Norman  for dramatic content and performances, particularly the challenging role entrusted to Richard Gere. It has not been a financially successful run to date, bringing in less than a million dollars since its April 14 open. But as a political and personal statement by […]

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William F. Buckley Jr.: Still Strictly Right


From the earliest days, writes Dr. Alvin S Felzenberg, a noted presidential historian and principal spokesman for the 9/11 Commission, “William F. Buckley Jr. presumed to tell heads of state what to do.”

Depending on whether you accept his mother’s or father’s version, when Bill Buckley was either six or seven, he wrote King George V of England, demanding the United Kingdom immediately repay the debt owed to the United States after World War I.

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Wonder How Long?


According to a Rasmussen telephone survey this week, only 29 percent of respondents believe that most recent college graduates have the skill to successfully enter the work place. We’re entitled to wonder that it’s this high, considering the endless news of the sheer dopiness taking place on campus. Can it possibly be long before a […]

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