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We’ve Seen This Movie Before


The film industry witnessed its worse year since the 1990s in 2017. Hollywood, during the advent of television to name but one fallow period, has seen this movie before. But because filmgoers similarly lament seeing this movie before, they stay home. The ninth installment of the “Star Wars” franchise captured the top spot at the […]

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Must See Churchill


The other day I went to see Darkest Hour, the movie about Winston Churchill’s heroics in the spring of 1940 in steeling the British upper classes to resist Hitler and to relieve Dunkirk by sending off a civilian armada to rescue the British army from the Nazis. The hour was very dark indeed. Aware as […]

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David Brooks and the Elites’ Lowbrowism


David Brooks wrote today that he’s concerned that the anti-Trumpers are using the same methods of Trump and reducing themselves to his and Hannity’s levels. It’s disconcerting. Tut-tut. Here’s Brooks in “The Decline of Anti-Trumpism”: The anti-Trump movement suffers from insularity. Most of the people who detest Trump don’t know anybody who works with him […]

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Yes, It’s Okay to Order Delivery During a Storm, Right?


Had a rather absurd exchange with Mike Madden of the Washington Post about whether or not to order delivery during a snowstorm. Yes. And tip insanely well. Are you kidding? In the run-up to Hurricane Harvey, the delivery guys were making a ton of money. The guy who brought me food was deliriously happy. […]

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What a Bunch of Hockey Pucks


The lady doth protest too much, methinks. The words may be from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, written over 400 years ago, but the Bard of Avon sure knew people. At issue is the latest sports National Anthem protest controversy, this one courtesy of actress Debra Messing, and how she used and politized her 13-year-old son for cheap […]

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Debauchery in Silicon Valley: Women Objectified, Men Feel Justified


Vanity Fair ran an excerpt of the book Brotopia by Emily Chang to be released in February.  By her account, Silicon Valley is a nerd-boy’s literal wet dream. Young entrepreneurs, married and single alike, get together and have sex. The executives don’t feel guilty about it at all. They are living their “lifestyle choice” and who […]

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When Actor, Director, and Script Merge Perfectly


Christopher Plummer has played so many memorable roles. I mean, The Sound of Music! But here’s a question. As a spry 88-year-old, has the British master ever been better than he is in All the Money in the World? We see actor and role come together in perfect harmony. Embodying John Paul Getty under the […]

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No Football for Christmas


The National Football League had a couple of games scheduled for Christmas Day but I couldn’t watch them. Couldn’t, even if I had wanted to. And I didn’t. We were visiting my daughter on her farm. She had just taken ownership and hadn’t yet had time — or, perhaps, the desire — to get cable […]

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Revival Can’t Resuscitate Eminem’s Dying Career


In mid-October, the “Rap God” Eminem released a freestyle rap dissing Donald Trump, calling him and all of his supporters racist and said he wanted nothing to do with them. Beyond being extremely offensive, as per usual for Eminem, it wasn’t even all that good compared to his previous freestyles. This rap stirred up a […]

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America’s Politically Incorrect Christmas Present to Itself


Ah, Christmas, when America gets to unwrap its beloved, politically incorrect present. When more and more things qualify as guilty pleasures, and involve more and more guilt, Jean Shepherd’s A Christmas Story does neither. Therein lie this movie’s unabashed beauty and our desire to welcome it back more heartily every year. Only liberals could not […]

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