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No One Cares About the Emmys


Like the rest of America, I didn’t watch the Emmys. Why bother? Here’s the Award Show routine: Old jokes about conservatives and Republicans. Worried actors sharing their fears about their favored group being oppressed, harmed, or otherwise hassled. Beautiful dresses. Edgy, uncouth style. Drunk/drugged actor or actress (the acting equivalent of a fight during a […]

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Fighting Jihadists, Fighting the Midlife Blues


Hollywood loves red-carpet affairs. Hollywood Boulevard shuts down, actors pose for selfies with screaming fans, and traffic becomes a special version of hell. None of this occurred Tuesday night, when American Assassin opened at the Chinese Theater. The publicity machine had decided to cancel the red carpet, “in an effort to keep the attention on […]

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Sloane Beats Venus!


Down 0-30, Venus lets go an ace, a perfect serve-plus-one shot into the corner, a service winner on the T, and clinches with a big baseline shot that Sloane shanks back, long. 1-1. It looks like it’s going to be a ball game. Miss Williams, if you please, and Miss Stephens. Are these the two […]

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The Kindness of Strangers on 9/11


Oliver Stone’s 9/11 movie World Trade Center hit me hard in the gut. I saw the film in the summer of 2006 in a mostly empty multiplex theater, a stone’s throw from Ground Zero, then still a sad wasteland. As a New Yorker and a journalist I had lived and breathed the September 11 attacks […]

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A Beach Read of a TV Show


Dev loves pasta, Dev loves to cook, so Dev moves to Italy for a while to learn how to make pasta in Modena. He is an American of Indian descent: we know this character from the lauded comedy series Master of None. The conceit of the first episode of the second season is both silly […]

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This Rapper Is White and Female


Until last week I didn’t know that listening to Nina Simone can now be considered cultural appropriation in countries such as Holland and Germany. (Thanks, Twitter.) Don’t ask me to explain it, just know that the idiocy on either side of the Atlantic knows no bounds. I do wonder what those afraid to enjoy “My […]

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The Dude Saves Another Movie


My guess is that most of us don’t need a reason to skip The Only Living Boy in New York. The title of the film, for one. The college graduate in question is not a “boy,” whatever the Simon & Garfunkel song says. He is a young man who seduces and sleeps with his father’s […]

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‘Get Out,’ Horror Films, and Social Commentary


Jordan Peele, director, and writer of the acclaimed horror-satire Get Out (released on DVD on May 23, 2017), is a black man. And Peele has been quite open about his views on race relations, once telling the Los Angeles Times, “Little Haley Joel Osment in ‘The Sixth Sense’ can see dead people. Well, I can see […]

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Tonight I’m Going to Ask Norman Lear a Question


Tonight I’m going to ask Norman Lear a question. The legendary creator of All in the Family and many other shows is speaking at Kozinski’s Favorite Flicks, a roughly monthly gathering of film buffs in Pasadena at the Appellate Courthouse for the Federal Ninth Circuit. The host Alex Kozinski is the brilliant and once the […]

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Google and Lena Dunham: The New Thought Police


Remember when Al Gore and his dippy wife Tipper’s biggest concern was Eminem lyrics? Back then, Elton John defended Eminem’s art. Now, more leftists from Chelsea Handler and Lena Dunham to random Google feminists feel the need to name, shame, fire, and beat up people who believe differently. The so-called free-speech Leftists are not so […]

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