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Chait Hate

With regard to the comments from Jim and Quin on this matter, is anybody really surprised that Jonathan Chait would assert that Mitt Romney’s criticism of President Obama’s infamous “You Didn’t Build That” remark is racist?

Let us not forget that it was Chait who in 2003 began an article with, “I hate President George W. Bush. There, I said it.” Of course, if any conservative writer were to include a sentence which read “I hate President Barack Obama,” Chait would be the first amongst a legion of liberals to denounce the conservative writer in question as racist.

As with many liberals, Chait does not approach conservatism and its adherents rationally. He looks upon both conservatism and conservatives with hatred in both his mind and heart. So when Chait makes his latest charge we have to consider the source. With that now let’s consider these two sentences:

Watch Obama’s delivery in the snippet put together by this Republican ad. The key thing is that Obama is angry, and he’s talking not in his normal voice but in a “black dialect.”

But it is President Obama who chose to be angry in that moment. It is President Obama who chose not to talk, as Chait puts it, “in his normal voice.” It is President Obama who chose to stray from the teleprompter. No Republican made Obama do that. President Obama is responsible for what he says and does. Thus President Obama has only himself to blame for striking the wrong chord with the American people during his speech in Roanoke, Virginia.

Now as long as there are liberal politicians and liberal writers who insist any criticism of President Obama is an act of racism, conservatives have an obligation to call them out on it. We have an obligation to tell the Jonathan Chaits of the world that they cheapen the meaning of racism and therefore cheapen themselves. We also have an obligation to tell liberals that there going to have to better than that. Because as long as Jonathan Chait is considered a leading light amongst liberals, it tells you how much the intellectual foundations of American liberalism have flickered out.

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