Yasmin Wolkow

Yasmin Wolkow is an editorial intern at The American Spectator. She is currently a student of the Washington Semester Program at the American University. Email her at wolkowy@spectator.org.

The Day Ahead: Friday, Dec. 7


Major Quake strikes off Japan, setting off small Rsunami (CNN News) Egypt’s Morsi, looking to Army for support, pushes charter that enshrines Military’s Oower (Washington Post) Horrific Fire revealed a Gap in Safety for Global Brands (NY Times) The GOP’s Tax Triumph (National Review) Solemn Ceremony at Pearl Harbor, 71 Years later (CBS News) Administration […]

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The Day Ahead: Thursday, Dec. 6


Hillary Clinton, Russian Counterpart Sergey Lavrov to meet for Syria Crisis Talks (CBS News) Obama changes Tune on Budget (Washington Times) GOP Senator backs Tax Rate Hike on Wealthy (CNN News) In Egypt, Protests turn violent as political Crisis intensifies (Washington Post) Obamacare: The Resistance Endures (National Review) Gay Wash. Couples get Marriage Licenses (ABC […]

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The Day Ahead: Friday, Nov. 30


Obama taking “Fiscal Cliff” Fight to the Public (CBS News) Egyptian Draft Constitution passes; Protesters vow Return to the Streets (CNN News) Complaints aside, most face lower Tax Burden than in 1980 (NY Times) Israel to build 3,000 Settler Homes after UN Vote (BBC News) The GOP’s Medicare Confusion (Washington Post) Fast Food Strikes in […]

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The Day Ahead: Thursday, Nov 29


Egypt speeds new Constitution amid Morsy Protests (CNN News) Inside the Talks: Fiscal Framework emerges (Politico) T-Ball War in the Middle East (National Review) British Press needs new Regulator, Report says (NY Times) Powerball Officials: Record Jackpot has been won (CBS News) Hostess Executive Bonuses: Twinkie-Maker to seek Approval for $1.8 Million in Bonuses during […]

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