Yale Kramer

Yale Kramer is a psychiatrist and essayist for Horsefeathers, the blog that fights folly, ignorance, and cant.

Thirty-Three Dead


Many years ago — before the sixties, when activist reformers discovered the notion that mentally ill patients were an oppressed people, like Negroes (as blacks preferred to be called then), women, and homosexuals (as gay men were identified then), and decided that they must be set free from their sadistic doctors and nurses (deinstitutionalized) in […]

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The Race Police or Imus: Which Is Worse?


Three or four powerful energic forces collided last week to create a perfect cultural storm that ended in toppling one of the giants of radio entertainment from his current venue. The forces at work were a) the culture of offensive humor and its audience of millions of lovers of pie-in-the-face comedy led by Don Imus; […]

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Grasping the Nettle


During World War II it came to the notice of seven or eight million GIs that their GI world was an imperfect one. Sometimes more and sometimes less but always imperfect. This they expressed in an acronym they made famous all over the world — SNAFU. In fact, our greatest generation developed a set of […]

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The View From Mt. Suribachi


Some men (and women) whom the gods would destroy, they first raise high for all to see. These men (and women) have been so successful, have amassed such wealth, and have acquired so many playthings — the grand houses on Lily Pond Lane, Chateaux en Provence, estates in Scotland surrounded by rushing streams rich with […]

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Mother Streep in the Park


Mother Courage and Her Children by Bertold Brecht Produced by the Gang That Couldn’t Think Straight: The Public Theater. NEW YORK — There must be a war on. Every time there’s a war on a gang of actors and producers get together and put on Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children because they think it […]

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Paradise Regained


During the A.M. Rosenthal epoch of the New York Times, the editorials were written by serious, educated people — mostly white, middle-class men — who had transcended their adolescence, concurred in a set of Western values that had stood the test of time, knew what was important and who they were. The Times has indeed […]

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Brokeback Mountain and the Romance of Gayness


I confess, I am a “High-Grade Non-Homophobic.” There, done! Out of the closet at last! I took the homophobia test yesterday and achieved a score of 17, thus putting me in the category of “high-grade non-homophobic,” the average score for white, male college students being around 30 (lower is better). The test was developed by […]

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Indiana Spielberg and His Jewish Problem


Without the bullwhip and hat, but with his camera, his moviola, and his trusted young sidekick, Tony Kushner, Steven Spielberg has set out to do what no great head of government alone or in concert, no statesman, not even Winston Churchill, not even the United Nations when it was still shiny, hopeful, and had clout, […]

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