Willis Fumbleton

Willis Fumbleton may or may not be a Senior Adviser to the Donald J. Trump campaign.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: T Does Cleveland


With everything that could’ve gone wrong, Cleveland was a heckuva week for T. The media were in full no-more-nice-guy mood, street-lefties were ready to rumble and the cops were antsy, ready for some serious headcracking. But here we are at week-end with the party in reasonably good shape and T’s ticket running even with the […]

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Behind the Chosen One


It’s been a long week and maybe, just maybe, we’ve passed through the shadow of the valley of death. On Monday, which seems like two months ago, T told us that he was going with Mike Flynn as VP. Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Flynn’s a fine man with a good military record but, let’s be […]

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Choosing the Veep


I’m already sick of the phrase. Whenever somebody in the Tower comes up with a dingo idea, and gets roundly dissed in return, the dissee covers himself with, “Trust me, I know what I’m doing, folks.” At first we laughed. Now we groan. You have to hand it to T. The man’s a phrasemaker. “I […]

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The First Day of School, Again


It’s a staff meeting! A real staff meeting! I love these things. We don’t have very many these days and they’re nothing but good. We get to see T in the flesh. He’s mostly out and about, of course. Lives in that damn plane. Now we get him in the Tower for forty minutes and […]

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T’s Complaint Bureau


Our so-called independent, so-called press is reporting that T had a bad week. If they only knew the half of it. We have no money, our polls are slipping in 39 states, and we’re locked in serial pissing matches with rinky-dink GOP officials from the last century. Sad. I drew the short straw and had […]

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The Diary of Willis Fumbleton


I started to keep this diary the day I realized I would be at the center — or, pending resolution of low-intensity office conflict, at the edge — of the wildest campaign of the century. Any century. I’m a campaign guy. I’ve run campaigns and covered campaigns and funded campaigns and subverted campaigns. I can’t […]

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