William C. Duncan

William C. Duncan is the director of the Marriage Law Foundation.

The More the Merrier?


While the United States is occupied with the federal challenge to California’s Proposition 8, Canada has its own pending marriage case, which is likely headed for the Canadian Supreme Court. Canada, which redefined marriage nationwide to include same-sex couples in 2005, against the backdrop of successful provincial lawsuits against the country’s marriage law, could be […]

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The Proposition 8 Trial: Understanding the Evidence


The evidence portion of the trial of Proposition 8 in California ended on January 27 and the closing arguments of attorneys will begin soon. In the days before it began, the court hearing over the constitutionality of California’s Proposition 8 was set to be a show trial in many ways. With its planned dissemination on […]

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Making It Up As They Go


On Friday, the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously repudiated the idea that marriage is about something more than securing government approval of adult desires. In the court’s formulation (the decision is on line here), Iowa’s constitution mandated a redefinition of marriage to give same-sex couples “the personal and public affirmation that accompanies marriage.” As disturbing as […]

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A Good Attorney Is Hard to Find


After Proposition 8, the California marriage amendment, was approved by voters on November 4, the city and county of San Francisco along with pressure groups and celebrity lawyers attacked the measure in the California Supreme Court. Their novel theory is that the one-sentence amendment is so dramatic a change to the State’s Constitution that it […]

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Inferiority Redefined


Connecticut has become the third state where a high court has ruled that a hitherto unknown (and still unwritten) provision of the state’s constitution mandated redefining marriage to include same-sex couples. Like California, the state legislature had already provided all of the benefits of marriage to same-sex couples but four of the state supreme court’s […]

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