Victor Gaetan

Victor Gaetan is senior international correspondent for the National Catholic Register and a contributor to Foreign Affairs magazine and the Washington Examiner.


George Soros’s Contributions to a Cannabis Hotbed


Albania’s socialist prime minister, Edi Rama, is the only foreign leader who came to the U.S. to trash talk Donald J. Trump last year, possibly at the behest of his close friend, George Soros. “God forbid” Trump wins the Republican nomination Rama told CNN’s Richard Quest. Trump’s election would “harm a lot America and it […]

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Macedonia to George Soros and USAID: Go Away


Small but mighty Macedonia is the mouse that roared this year, declaring war on George Soros, 86, and his U.S. Government handmaidens, who, incredibly, have financed a left-wing agenda to divide the nation and bring a socialist-Muslim coalition to power. It was the kind of Obama Administration manipulation that was so routine that it passed […]

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