Tom Van Dyke

Tom Van Dyke is a businessman and musician in Los Angeles, and editor of

Why We Fight


Via CBS News, what we should all come to call The Iraqi Orphanage Nightmare: Inside the building, a government-run orphanage for special needs children, the soldiers found more emaciated little bodies tied to the cribs. They had been kept this way for more than a month, according to the soldiers called in to rescue the […]

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Climate Change: What You Can Do


I’ve been on the fence about this thing until America’s most highly-paid newsman wrote this on her blog: “And all the experts agree. Well, almost every expert. (There are a handful of scientists — many of them on the payroll of big oil companies — who wonder if global warming is a reality.)” Oil companies. […]

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What Did Conservatives Get Right?


A friend on the other side of the great ideological divide recently challenged me to come up with the high points of conservatism’s record over the last 50 or so years. My thoughtful answer was that there’s a continuum, that both the New Deal and the undesirability of confiscatory levels of taxation have captured the […]

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