Tom Rogan

Tom Rogan is a blogger based in Washington, D.C., and a contributor to National Review Online,, and the Guardian.

The Classroom Plot


A demand for segregation of the sexes. A requirement for Islam-focused religious studies. A ”Trojan Horse” plot to remove Principals who won’t comply. Welcome to Britain’s latest struggle with Sunni Islamist extremism — the battle of the classroom. On Friday, the Birmingham News local news outlet to Britain’s second largest city — reported that self-styled […]

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Where Was the Debate?


Usually a debate involves an exchange of opposing views. But not at CPAC. On Saturday, pundits Ann Coulter and Mickey Kaus debated immigration reform. Except that it wasn’t a debate. Yes, both Coulter and Kaus offered their opinions with conviction and energy. Yet their alignment was omnipresent. Both oppose the prospect of amnesty, both oppose […]

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Why Ukraine Vindicates the NSA


“Sometimes we have to do a thing in order to find out the reason for it. Sometimes our actions are questions, not answers.”— A Perfect Spy, John le Carré Most people believe that intelligence gathering is about finding out what someone else is going to do. It isn’t. Instead, it’s about finding out what someone else […]

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The Indefensible Defense Budget


The President wants to shrink the U.S. Army back to its size in 1940. Yes, 1940. The year before America was forced into the Second World War. But that’s just the starter for this budgetary disaster. In its new budget proposal for the Department of Defense, the Administration also intends to eliminate the A-10 ground […]

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Afghanistan: No Reason for Retreat


Two American soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan. By two soldiers of the Afghan National Army. It’s happened again. Another “green on blue” tragedy. Two soldiers who, wearing their flag on their sleeves, left their families to help the Afghan people. Two soldiers who now return home in flag-draped coffins. Nevertheless, even amidst the anger […]

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The Super Bowl Scandal


Super Bowl Sunday. An American institution. A night of parties, sport and food. A whole lot of food. And this Budweiser advert. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for Lieutenant Chuck Nadd. He deserved his welcome home. And his friends probably got a lot of free beer. That’s genuinely great. Still, I have a problem […]

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Obama’s Slumber — Putin’s Swindle


The “reset.” It was silly from the start. Now it’s just sad. America has most certainly been ‘‘overcharged.’’ This past week, if they didn’t already know, our NATO partners learned that Russia is in fundamental breach of its 1987 INF missile treaty obligations. Unsurprisingly, Putin disagrees with that finding. Instead, he’s declared the case closed. […]

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Why Syria Is Forcing British Intelligence Into Hard Choices


These are busy and difficult times at New Scotland Yard, Thames House, Vauxhall Cross and “the doughnut.” Over the last few days, British Police have separately arrested two men and one woman at London’s Heathrow Airport, another man at London’s Stansted Airport and a further woman in North London. The common theme? The suspects travel/intended travel […]

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