Timothy Benson

Timothy Benson (TBenson@heartland.org) is a policy analyst with the Heartland Institute, a nonpartisan, nonprofit think tank headquartered in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Steyer’s Renewable Mandate Would Punish Arizona’s Poor


When Tom Steyer isn’t advocating for nuclear war or promoting President Donald Trump’s impeachment, the San Francisco billionaire and former hedge fund manager is developing big plans for Arizona’s energy future. Steyer is spending huge amounts of cash on a ballot initiative campaign that would force Arizona utilities to produce 50 percent of their electricity from renewable […]

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Child Safety Accounts: Protecting Our Children With Freedom


Safety in schools has become of paramount concern to students and parents, especially on days like today, the nineteenth anniversary of the horrific Columbine school shooting. It’s not just school shootings causing this concern, however. It is the bullying, sexual harassment, and assaults many students deal with on a daily basis. With the rise of […]

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Onward Gaian Soldiers!


To judge by the many articles on the topic that keep appearing in legacy media outlets, environmentalists, neo-Malthusians, and anti-humanists are in the throes of a new obsession: that having “too many” children is going to cause a climate change Armageddon. The latest article making the rounds is an NBC News website piece by Travis Rieder of […]

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More Fracking, Fewer Earthquakes


Oklahoma has a long history of seismicity, but, since 2013, the Sooner State has seen a significant increase in the number of earthquakes within its borders. This spate of earthquakes has led to public confusion as to whether hydraulic fracturing, commonly called “fracking,” is the direct cause of these earthquakes, with some state lawmakers even […]

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A Perfect Time to Expand Education Savings Accounts


Back on St. Patrick’s Day, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) introduced the Native American Education Opportunity Act, which would set up education savings accounts (ESAs) for children attending Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) schools in states where ESAs are available for other students. Because BIE schools are federally funded, Native American children attending them in Arizona, […]

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Don’t Fence Us In: Western States Seek Return of Land From D.C.


According to the United States Geological Survey, nearly half the land in the Western United States is owned by the federal government. This includes 84.9 percent of land in Nevada (hiding UFOs requires lots of space), 64.9 percent of Utah, 61.6 percent of Idaho, 61.2 percent of Alaska, 52.9 percent of Oregon, 48.1 percent of Wyoming, and […]

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