Tim Cavanaugh

Tim Cavanaugh is a writer based in Virginia. He’s previously worked as news editor for the Washington Examiner, news editor for National Review Online, executive editor of the Daily Caller, and web editor of the Los Angeles Times editorial page.

The Activist America Deserves


Rachel Dolezal — the former Spokane NAACP head who falsely, and with remarkable assertiveness, claimed to be African-American before her actual parents emerged last week — has already outlived the limitations of the six-hour news cycle. Her behavior is so bizarre, her history so variegated, and the mélange of hesitance and stubbornness she projects in […]

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My Very Own Raccoon Woodstock


If you are ever the victim of a home invasion, here’s some advice: don’t kill the intruder unless he or she is a human being. If the intruder is an animal — in particular an animal with more than two but fewer than six legs — odds are that anything you do to protect your […]

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Bat Guano


The release of an obscure photograph in May re-opened a bitter controversy. Experts broke down the visual data with Zapruder-film intensity. Some claimed they could identify fine details on a dimly lit figure shown next to a vehicle that appeared to be smoking. Others ridiculed such far-out claims while passing along equally far-out notions concerning […]

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