Thomas Lipscomb

Thomas Lipscomb broke the news story on Kerry’s involvement with the senatorial assassination plot. He served as chairman of the New York Vietnam Veterans’ Leadership Program, which worked to assist the employment of minority area veterans.

Loyalty Oaths Are Back at William and Mary


In the early 1950s, in the wake of the McCarthy era, state legislatures including Virginia’s were pressing oaths of loyalty to the United States on state employees all across America. Faculty members claimed justly that if they had done something treasonous, they should be accused and stand trial, but they should be assumed innocent until […]

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Pappy Boyington Shot Down


It sounds like the University of Washington student Senate is struggling to make some progress. After turning down a memorial to a notorious World War II Congressional Medal of Honor awardee, alum “Pappy” Boyington, they are now considering a more general memorial. At least this time they are getting it all wrong in a different […]

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The Peculiar Peculations of PECUSA


In a meeting last week in Pittsburgh, an international panel of prominent Anglicans has called for an open break between members of the Anglican Communion and what they view as the wayward Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States. The meeting was hosted by the Bishop Duncan of Pittsburgh and presided over by seven archbishops […]

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Playing With Food at the U.N.


President Bush’s choice for Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, caught sanctimonius hell from Democrats in his congressional appointment hearings for not taking the U.N. seriously enough. But recent reports from two U.N. agencies don’t make it any easier. After the devastating accounts of U.N. mismanagement of the “Oil for Food Program,” from both […]

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Swimming From Cambodia


NEW YORK — John Kerry is desperately trying to slide safely away from the collapse of his “Christmas in Cambodia” fairy tale. Two embarrassing “failures of memory” now permanently scar Senator Kerry’s campaign to gain trust and demonstrate strength as he tries to move from war hero to war president. In March, reliable witnesses came […]

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John Kerry’s Bodyguard of Lies


NEW YORK — Winston Churchill often repeated Stalin’s observation that “in wartime truth is so precious that she should always be attended to by a bodyguard of lies.” And now that the Democratic National Convention has ended with Kerry’s acceptance speech concentrating on his four-month service in the Vietnam War 35 years ago, rather than […]

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