Theodore B. Olson

Theodore B. Olson is the former solicitor general of the United States.

R.I.P. Ronald Wilson Reagan: Jul.-Aug. 2004


In honor of president’s day, the Spectator will be republishing this week essays and reviews on our nation’s best — and worst — leaders. Ronald Reagan has finally been freed from the dark and lonely silent shroud that had imprisoned his spirit and silenced his voice for over ten years. What a perversely cruel purgatory […]

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Hats Off to Larry


WASHINGTON — Every year before I deliver my term-end analysis of the Supreme Court I pause to pay tribute to a recent notable act of political silliness, extravagant pomposity, or reputational self-immolation. This is Washington, after all, and while those of us who live here tend to become rather blase about the breathtaking foolishness that […]

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