Theodora Blanchfield

Mitt Calls It Quits


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Senator John McCain became the presumptive Republican nominee as Mitt Romney withdrew from the presidential race yesterday, but you wouldn’t have been able to guess that from the reaction of the CPAC crowds. The line for Romney’s speech was already snaking around the corner an hour and a half before it began. […]

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Number One With a Bullet


“What exit are you?” is a relatively frequent response when I tell people I’m from New Jersey. The exit joke, used most often by New Yorkers, refers to the New Jersey Turnpike, which runs the length of the state from New York City to Delaware. Another dirty lie about the state is that it is, […]

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Security Blanket


By clicking on the URL to view this article, you have made a security decision: that doing so will not harm your computer. Every time you answer the cell phone, you risk being overheard, but, you must reason, the need to communicate outweighs the risks of a third party eavesdropping. In his contrarian tome Beyond […]

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Stinging the Fans


WASHINGTON — Several weeks ago, I received an e-mail from a focus group saying that if I gave up two hours of my time to talk about downloading music on the Internet, it would be worth $50. Now, the first rule of college students is, never turn down money. Nor does a talkative person like […]

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Everything in Moderation


With the title Saying Yes: In Defense of Drug Use, you’d think that Jacob Sullum was another hippie trying to get drugs legalized so he could enjoy that big fat joint emblazoned on the book’s dust jacket. And you would be oh so wrong. In 284 tightly argued pages, plus notes, Sullum, a senior editor […]

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Binge Thinking


It’s amazing the hoops states will jump through if you threaten to withhold federal funds. In 1984, Elizabeth Dole, then Secretary of Transportation, promised to do just that. While she had no direct control over the legislation of the 50 states, she said she would yank highway dollars unless the local legislatures raised the drinking […]

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