Stuart Reid

Stuart Reid is a writer and editor living in London.

The Fall of the House of Windsor (From May 1992)


This piece is taken from The American Spectator’s issue of May 1992, back when there was considerable doubt about Queen Elizabeth’s institutional longevity. She is still with us, in a record way, perhaps because the family dramas and soap operas described below have quieted. If Her Majesty occasionally looks glum, perhaps even sour, it is […]

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Silly Scenes of Pinter


Harold Pinter, this year’s just-announced Nobel Laureate for literature, loves the stage and hates America. The article below is taken from April 1997 issue of The American Spectator. To subscribe, please click here. If Harold Pinter had not been such an accomplished womanizer, you might think he was an angry old queen. Say a forgiving […]

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