Steven Usdin

Steven Usdin is the author of Engineering Communism: How Two Americans Spied for Stalin and Founded the Soviet Silicon Valley (Yale University Press), which tells how Joel Barr and Alfred Sarant helped Julius Rosenberg give military secrets to the KGB, evade arrest and create successful careers at the pinnacle of Soviet military industry. Usdin is a senior editor at BioCentury Publications, where he is responsible for covering issues at the intersection of public policy, science and politics, ranging from stem cells and cloning to drug safety. He has written hundreds of articles on biomedical policy, nuclear non-proliferation, national security and other topics for science and technology publications.

Zealots Then, Zealots Now


Terrorist acts against the West have focused attention on fanatics who seek to overturn political and social order, even totally destroy society, in the name of an all-encompassing ideology. Comprehending the motivations of fanatical ideologues is critical to disrupting and preventing terrorism. The September 11 attacks as well as the London and Madrid bombings were […]

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