Steven Rybicki

Excitable Speech


If M.I.A. is the Gayatri Spivak of pop music (cf. the-now-defunct Stylus; the Fork; and the Dean himself, Robert Christgau), then could her new protégé Rye Rye become its Judith Butler? All of this is to say: is it me or is politicized pop music much more playful and rewarding today than when Rage Against […]

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Obama the Fundamentalist


While President Obama may assert the existence of “fundamentally sound aspects” of the US economy, the problem is that even if these vaguely formulated fundamentals exist, they are fundamentally irrelevant to this depression in which we find ourselves. With more confidence than ever, we now know that the “sound fundamentals” sound-byte was misleading (and if […]

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A Guide for the Perplexed


Stimulus is upon us. In the name of partisan self-interest, both parties will preach that they have identified THE ONE macro-theory of economics that is entirely at-fault for this and they will also blame a few people who “really” triggered the depression. Conveniently, all the “destructive” macro-theories and figures will be from the other ideological […]

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Your Daily Depression


Need a burst of anxiety courtesy of the pitiless abyss that swallowed High Finance? Then let’s talk bonds. So, what happens when a government creates debt and no one buys it? Specifically, what if the government of one of the strongest economies in the West created debt and no one bought that debt? Well, it’s […]

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TARPed & Screwed


According to CNN, Larry Flynt and Joe Francis will submit a plea to Congress for $5bn in bailout funds for Big Porn. Suffering financially as a result of the Internet, “the business” needs stimulation. Slurred from the luscious lips of Flynt, himself: “People are too depressed to be sexually active. This is very unhealthy as […]

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A Limit for Yoo?


Eric Posner (E) has been busy mocking the realignment of political principles of both the Left and Right now that the person possessing the executive power will wear a blue jersey instead of a red one.  In December E’s b.s. detector was triggered by the shifting positions of Bush critic David Cole. Now it’s the […]

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