Steven Martinovich

Steven Martinovich is a freelance writer in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and editor of the webzine Enter Stage Right.

Canadian Coup


Compared to the raucous atmosphere in the United States, politics in Canada is widely perceived as the country is itself: tranquil, polite, and clean. That stereotype was shattered last week with news that a coalition made up of the left-of-center Liberal Party and the socialist New Democrats — supported by the separatist Bloc Quebecois — […]

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When Genocide Is Not Genocide


The United Nations took another step in its long road to irrelevancy on January 31 with a report announcing that the Sudanese government was not conducting a genocidal campaign in the Darfur region. It agreed that there were indeed mass killings of civilians, torture, rape, pillaging, possible war crimes and perhaps crimes against humanity, but […]

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Another Ignored Discovery


With the media’s focus on chronicling every attack on coalition forces or terrorist attack against Iraqi civilians in Iraq, they might be forgiven for missing other stories occasionally. Reporting democracy at the local level or the opening of a new school isn’t sexy work for the most part. It’s the equivalent of traveling halfway across […]

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A Missed Opportunity


Earlier this month Iranian human rights activist Shirin Ebadi became the latest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. As she pointed out in her speech, she was the first Iranian and the first woman from a Muslim nation to win the prize. It was an extraordinary opportunity for Ebadi to speak of the turmoil in […]

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Time to Kiss and Make Up


It appears that the average Canadian has realized what most in the federal government have yet to. A poll commissioned by the Centre for Research and Information on Canada found that 44 percent of Canadians believe that Canada should have stronger ties to the United States. It’s an increase of 18 percentage points since March […]

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