Steve Hornbeck

Steve Hornbeck, a former writer for ABC’s Politically Incorrect, lives in Albany, New York.

Howard Dean Usurped


The conduct of Senate Democrats during judiciary committee hearings into the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Samuel Alito not only failed to make a significant dent in the nominee’s chances but also caused long-simmering tensions between party leaders to boil over into the open. Sources have confirmed to this reporter that Democratic National Committee Chairman […]

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Edwards Surges Ahead of Kerry on Democratic Ticket


In an unforeseen consequence of presumptive Democratic nominee John Kerry’s pick of John Edwards as his vice presidential candidate, Edwards is now leading Kerry by 20 points among Democrats who think there’s still a choice to be made regarding who’s at the top of the ticket. One Kerry campaign insider was confident the confusion would […]

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John Kerry Issues The Indignation Proclamation


Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, just days after challenging President Bush to a series of debates based on the 1858 Lincoln-Douglas debates, today issued what he called The Indignation Proclamation. The wide-ranging proclamation asserts Kerry’s absolute right to become immediately and furiously indignant whenever anyone dares to question his record, judgment or issues, of which Kerry […]

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John Kerry Unveils the Regal Deal


Presumptive Democratic frontrunner John Kerry on Monday blasted President Bush’s visit to the Daytona 500 as a “photo opportunity.” In a dramatic shift from his recent more populist rhetoric, Kerry went on to refer to Middle America’s cherished sporting event as the “Declassé 500,” noting with disdain that the race audience consists in large part […]

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Capture the Moment


Following the weekend capture of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, or as Democratic Party insiders call it, “The day the music died,” reaction continues to pour in. It was, after all, a story that took so many by surprise that it was several milliseconds before TV commentators could recover and note that Osama bin Laden […]

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The Political Blaine Game


With magician David Blaine having ended his stunt in London, going 44 days without any sustenance, political observers turned their attention to an ongoing and potentially more dangerous venture as the Democratic candidates for president vowed once again to reach their goal of campaigning for 544 days without the slightest bit of substance. The candidates […]

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