Stacy Cline

Stacy Cline is an associate in the Political Law practice group at Caplin & Drysdale. She previously served as Deputy Counsel on Rudy Giuliani’s presidential campaign.

Judicial Activist


In 2005, serial murderer and rapist Michael Ross found an unlikely sympathizer — federal judge Robert Chatigny, who called Ross’s sexual sadism a mitigating factor in his case. He threatened and berated Ross’s lawyer into further postponing his death sentence against this client’s own wishes. Judge Chatigny sits before the Senate Judiciary Committee today as […]

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Without Recourse


Last night’s passage of the greatest expansion of the federal government since the Great Society is a sad day for our country, not only because it may bankrupt our future, but also because we have no recourse to the Constitution. Our Constitution was elegantly designed to protect individuals from too much concentration of power in […]

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Money Business


Government can give, and it can also take away. With $3.55 trillion in annual federal spending, $2.5 trillion in regulatory compliance costs, and federal tax burdens of more than $2.9 trillion, every corporation has something to gain or lose in modern elections. After the Citizens United argument Wednesday, the Supreme Court seems poised to overturn […]

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Supreme Court Poised to Overturn Ban on Corporate Campaign Expenditures


Today the Supreme Court heard arguments again in the Citizens United case, in which a documentary critical of Hillary Clinton couldn’t be aired on direct tv during the primaries because it was funded with corporate expenditures.  After today’s argument, the Court appears poised to overturn Austin, the case which held that a ban on direct […]

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