S.T. Karnick

S. T. Karnick (skarnick@heartland.org) is director of research for the Heartland Institute.

America’s Decline and the Neglect of Luther’s Principles of Liberty


With the nation’s news dominated by reports of political corruption (most recently, the Clintons’ apparent use of “pay to play” schemes during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as U.S. secretary of state), sexual harassment scandals pandemic among the nation’s elites, extreme vulgarization of political speech and the common culture, riots against freedom of speech on the nation’s […]

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Pope Comes Out Against Carbon Credits, Disappoints True Eco-Believers


That Pope: What an environmental radical! Listen to what that preposterous priest just said. He breathlessly claims he’s “concerned about the negative consequences for humanity and for all creation resulting from the degradation of some basic natural resources such as water, air, and land, brought about by an economic and technological progress which does not […]

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A Victory for Theism


The recent reports that the prominent atheist philosopher Antony Flew has changed his position to one far more accommodating to theism, have sparked much controversy. Rationalist International, for example, has denounced the reports, which it describes as a “sensationalist campaign in the internet,” and has reprinted a 2003 letter responding to similar rumors from last […]

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Muscular Christians Flex Their Muscles


Denver-area churches decided that the official, government-sanctioned secularization of the Christmas holiday had gone too far recently when the city’s mayor decided to replace the traditional “Merry Christmas” banner atop the local City and County Building with a “Happy Holidays” greeting and the organizers of the local Christmas parade denied permission for a local church […]

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Cures That Don’t Kill


A critical point that is too often missed in the debate over stem cell therapies in the United States is that so-called adult stem cells (ASCs) have shown great success in doing the very things that advocates of embryonic stem cell (ESC) harvesting hope to achieve with ESCs. That is because the American press tends […]

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Who Polarized Congress?


The analysis of the coming changes in the makeup of the U.S. Congress, in yesterday‘s New York Times, has a certain amount of blather in it, but there is also much evidence adduced to support the conclusion that the Congress, which has become increasingly partisan (especially on the Democrats’ side, I should note), will be […]

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