Spencer Amaral

Spencer Amaral is an editorial intern at The American Spectator.

The Death Penalty and Reverse Psychology


Should confessed Fort Hood mass murderer Nidal Hasan be denied the death penalty, for the simple reason that he seems to want it? The trial of the alleged mass murderer was postponed Wednesday when a motion was filed by Hasan’s stand-by defense team, arguing that Hasan was deliberately trying to secure the death penalty for […]

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A Defense of Hillsdale and Its President


When I recently heard that the president of my school, Hillsdale College, was in hot water for making racist remarks at a state hearing on education, I was stunned. But upon learning the facts, it was immediately obvious that this was simply another case of liberal scandal-mongers scraping the bottom of the barrel to try […]

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Paul/Christie Feud: Put Me Down for Paul


Pundits are holding up a snarky back-and-forth between two prominent Republicans—Rand Paul and Chris Christie—as an early showdown between the premier GOP candidates for president in 2016. The exchange began several days ago when Christie came out to bash the “dangerous” libertarian streak in the Republican party, including Paul. Christie says his remarks were prompted […]

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Breaking News About Gun Violence


“Close to one-quarter of teenagers and young adults treated for assault injuries in a Michigan emergency room reported owning or carrying a gun.” That’s from a Reuters report Monday on a new study published in the journal Pediatrics. “I think the surprise, if there is any here, is the numbers really are quite high,” Dr. […]

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One Step Further Toward Nationwide Gay Marriage


A Michigan lawsuit filed over lesbian adoption could be the first case to test the impact of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in United States v. Windsor, which struck down the federal Defense of Marriage Act. The Michigan suit was brought by April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse, a cohabitating couple who want to adopt each […]

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Miss USA and Hysteria Over the Gender Pay Gap


By now, most Americans have probably seen the clip from Sunday night’s “Miss USA” pageant, in which Miss Utah struggles through the most painfully incoherent and intensely awkward answer to a judge’s question we’ve seen since Miss South Carolina’s ultimate fail on Miss Teen USA. Those who haven’t can watch here, at their own risk: […]

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The Next Big Obamacare Court Fight?


Opponents of Obamacare claim to have found a linguistic quirk within the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that could undermine provisions of the law, including the individual mandate—if their case succeeds in court. A key piece of Obamacare makes federal subsidies available to lower-income Americans in order to make their healthcare premiums more affordable, […]

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The Boy Scouts’ Opportunity


Yesterday morning in Houston, Texas, the Southern Baptist Convention agreed on a resolution to condemn the recent decision by Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to accept gay scouts in its ranks. The BSA recently gave in to ongoing nationwide pressure—from sponsors, gay-rights organizations, and even President Obama—to end a century-old policy barring gay membership. (It […]

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