Sheila Monaghan

Unsung Orphans


Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America By James Webb (Broadway Books, 343 pages, $25.95) As the sun beats down on the smoky blue Appalachian mountains, a car navigates the winding back roads that branch off I-81 through hills and valleys and clumps of small homes proudly bearing American flags. Traveling to the site where […]

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The Mother of Swing Voters


Security moms are merely a “repackaged version of 2000’s Soccer Moms” — one of the many “new, cleverly named and totally bogus groups of swing voters that emerge like cockroaches out of a drain” at this point in the campaign season, wrote Richard Morin in the October 3rd Washington Post. Security moms are imaginary pests […]

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Revenue Smoke Stacks


“This case is about a 50-year pattern of misrepresentation, half-truths and lies by the defendants that continues to this day,” said Justice Department attorney Frank Marine as the trial phase of the five-year-long legal scuffle between the federal government and the nation’s largest tobacco companies resumed the other week. “Why did the defendants pursue this […]

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Britney Blowback


This past weekend, Britney Spears wed dancer Kevin Federline, marking the second marriage for the 22-year-old pop icon. Earlier this year, she entered the dignity of the married state at a 5 a.m. ceremony in Las Vegas, marrying high school friend Jason Alexander. Fifty-five hours later, the marriage was annulled. In the beginning, Spears was […]

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