Seton Motley

Seton Motley is the founder and president of Less Government.

While We’re Lost in The ‘Patent Troll’ Freakout, ‘Reformers’ Will Eviscerate Private Property Rights


The small and dwindling contingent in favor of the terrible, patent-smashing bills being considered in Congress suffer from an obsessive fetish — “patent trolls.” It’s at once a mantra — and a Pavlovian fervor-inducer. Just say “patent troll” in front of any member of this tiny cohort — and watch them freak out. The American […]

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Al Sharpton Helping FCC Design Rush Limbaugh ‘Free Speech’ Show Trials


December 21 is the darkest day of every year. This year it will be especially dark due to the last of the 2010 lunar eclipses.  Thus it is the perfect day for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to vote to take over in unsanctioned fashion the Internet — which they are currently scheduled to do. […]

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Simply Conservative


What was on January 20, 2001, less than exemplary news for the greater conservative nation was a change for the better in Lone Star State governance, as Lieutenant Governor Rick Perry rose via the process of orderly succession to succeed the newly minted President George W. Bush in the Texas executive mansion. What began by […]

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