S.E. Cupp

The More Things Change


I was asked to write a light-hearted op-ed for the Washington Post, which appeared this past weekend, in advance of Obama’s inauguration. The piece was a humorous take on the plight of the young conservative as he or she prepares for the big party to which he or she was not really invited. Yes, conservatives […]

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Biopolitical? Is That Like A Body Politic?


I’ve taken plenty of obnoxious-sounding, esoterically-oriented graduate courses before, but this takes the cake. Official description of an NYU course offered next spring: “Mediating the Biopolitical Body”: This seminar will engage the material histories, philosophy and political culture of embodiment/disembodiment. The body is situated as the interface of our era’s most contentious political terrains including […]

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Diplomatic Disturbance


Barack Obama and his anti-war supporters in the U.S. and abroad are loath to acknowledge that “diplomacy first” is only so effective when challenging Islamic terrorists. Voters should think long and hard about a candidate who wants to pull out of Iraq before stability is achieved, and who wants to sit down with Iranian leaders […]

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