Sam Kazman

The IRS, Obamacare, and the English Language


In the days just before the March 4 Supreme Court hearing in King v. Burwell, I got a number of calls from total strangers who had read about the case and who wanted to be plaintiffs in it. I explained to them that it was too late to join the case then, but listened to their […]

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Crude Construction


When cocaine prices shot up last year, White House Drug Czar John Walters touted it as “the best evidence” that the War on Drugs was working. So when gas prices were shooting up this year, we ought to have heard cheers from those who claim we’re addicted to oil. They should have pointed to those […]

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Somewhere, Mr. Edison Gently Weeps


A New Yorker cartoon from several years ago shows a vast, cubicle-filled office, with a manager explaining that the “dim fluorescent lighting is meant to emphasize the general absence of hope.” Fluorescents aren’t all that bad. In fact, they’ve steadily gained market share in recent years. But from now on their popularity will rest not […]

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