Sam Dealey

Sam Dealey is a writer based in Washington, D.C.

Where Is Your Camel?


THE SUDAN — “Cowardly, lying, effeminate brutes, these Arabs and Sudanese! I wish they had one neck and someone would squeeze it! Oh! I am sick of these people.” Charles Gordon’s letters home were often dyspeptic. Charged by the Egyptian Khedive some 130 years ago with ending the slave trade in Sudan, the English adventurer […]

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Rush to Prosecute


On October 10, Roy Black received an assurance. It was early in the afternoon, and the white-collar criminal defense attorney and an aide had driven the 70 miles north from Miami to meet with Barry Krischer, the state attorney for West Palm Beach, and his prosecutorial team. After exchanging pleasantries, the two teams took their […]

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North Korea’s Dear Leader


(From the Dec. 2000/Jan. 2001 American Spectator.) WHEN THE TWO KOREAN leaders embraced at the summit in Pyongyang in June 2000 the cover of that week’s Economist said it all: “Greetings, Earthlings.” It was the world’s first glimpse in a long, long time of one of its most reclusive strongmen, Kim Jong Il, of whom […]

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