Russ Brown

Russ Brown is a senior campaign consultant for the Labor Relations Institute.

200 Miles of Blisters and Deceit


Recently in Florida, a labor advocacy group called the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) marched 200 miles from Fort Myers to Lakeland to protest against a company which it claims places corporate greed over immigrant rights. CIW represents a growing trend in labor activism — campaigns to “name and shame” companies under the guise of […]

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Busting Union Reform


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is touting the recent passage of his “compromise” bill reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration, the agency that oversees U.S. air transport. Unfortunately for airline workers, Congress missed a rare opportunity to enact needed reforms to America’s labor laws. After months of heated debate, leaders finally reached a deal late last month […]

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Obama’s Big Labor Wins a Big One


Unions have been disappointed by the Obama administration’s inability to move their agenda forward. But they finally won a victory last week. This is bad news for America’s transport sector, not to mention travelers and businesses of all sizes that rely on rail and air shipping, because it could cause major disruptions to travel and […]

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Unionization by Regulation


Changing election rules to favor one side is something we usually associate with dictatorships. Yet a U.S. federal agency did just that recently, as part of the Obama administration’s efforts to impose policy changes favorable to organized labor without the consent of Congress. And, as in a dictatorship, the result is very difficult to undo. […]

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