Ron Capshaw

Ron Capshaw is a writer in Richmond, Virginia.

‘High Noon’ at 65: Conservative Courage Behind the Scenes


High Noon (1952), now celebrating its 65th anniversary, was produced during the high tide of McCarthyism and the Korean War, and has been deemed a courageous allegory about the dangers of McCarthyism. But behind the scenes, the participants were anything but courageous, save for the lone conservative involved. The plot bears out an anti-McCarthy subtext. A […]

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The Cold War Journey of James Ellroy


Many writers adopt a public persona. Hemingway’s was that of a macho sportsman. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s was that of a burn-out failure. Today, mystery writer James Ellroy’s is that of a guttural, right-wing loon. With a few exceptions, the literary establishment has seconded this interpretation, pointing to his public support of Fox News commentator Bill […]

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The Hiss Conviction Turns 65


Sixty-five years ago last week, Alger Hiss—the protégé of Oliver Wendell Holmes, a rising star in the State Department, and a Soviet agent code-named “Ales”—was convicted of perjury for denying any involvement in Soviet espionage. This should have forever closed the case. For, as Sam Tanenhaus, the biographer of Hiss’s main accuser, Whittaker Chambers, stated, […]

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Who Was Dalton Trumbo, Screenwriter and Stalinist?


Dalton Trumbo: Blacklisted Hollywood Radical By Larry Ceplair and Christopher Trumbo.(University of Kentucky Press, 640 pages, $36) One of the dangers for a biographer, particularly when his subject shares the same ideology, is to display his love for him. This temptation is never more true for the Cold War Left and New Left than with […]

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