Roger Kaplan for The American Spectator

Roger Kaplan, a Washington-based writer, covers France, the Middle East, and Africa for The American Spectator.

Resist the Invasion, Win the Midterms


In general, the idea of killing two birds with one stone is best eschewed; it seldom works. It is better to do focus on one thing at a time, get the job done, move on. Sometimes, fate intervenes. By some fluke — is it really, though? — we find our southern borders threatened by a […]

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Capital and Clean


Conservatives of a certain age may recall a quip from the days in the wilderness, “When you see two pols in conversation, you may assume they are conspiring against the public good.” The joke had a downside, of course, inasmuch as the paraphrase of the famous line in Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations did not have […]

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The American Spectator Foundation Mourns the Loss of President Donald L. Rieck, Jr.


As president of the American Spectator Foundation since 2016, Donald Rieck was our publisher, the man who worried and acted on his worries; the man who kept our office humming and afloat in uncertain times; our all-around go-to guy. A force to be reckoned with. Burly, direct, always busy, he was the kind of man […]

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Truth and Reality in the Middle East


On the matter of Jerusalem, the United States stands with Israel, and the two stand alone against the world. Which is as it should be. Why should Israel be the only nation in the world that forfeits the right to decide where to locate its capital? And why should the U.S. be the only nation […]

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Toward a Restoration of Gravitas in the Middle East


Observe, first of all, that President Donald Trump took the battle to the enemy. By contrast, and in order to not let bygones be bygones, President Barack Obama let the enemy define the battle. The 44th president, a Democrat, took the terror out of Islam; for this, he won a Nobel Peace Prize, as the […]

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Bound for Greatness


It is the season of Passover, tax deadlines. Easter Sunday. We should acknowledge, as Americans, as Jews and Christians, how fortunate we are. Here we are celebrating, by choice, remembrances of the deeds that made us free, deeds that required human courage and willpower though they would not have occurred but for the inscrutable plan of a creator […]

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Don’t Mess With This Sheriff


The natural response of an American to the news that the Navy launched a missile attack on Syrian military installations yesterday must be: pray for our forces and hope they take no prisoners. We may well feel, and certainly we have expressed the feeling in these columns, that the Syrian civil war is a feud […]

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Voices for England


The best sitting mayor of a big city in the English-speaking world, London’s Boris Johnson, writes in the Telegraph that it would be an outrage for President Obama, as appears more than possible, travels to England in the next few weeks to urge the British people to vote to stay in the European Union. Freedom-loving […]

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Nous Sommes Tous Français


As casualty counts mount after the coordinated attacks by Islamic State commandos on several locations in Paris Friday evening, there is every reason to remember the French newspaper headlines on September 12, 2001: Nous sommes tous américains, We are all American. Muslim terrorists armed with automatic rifles and screaming Allah Akhbar left some 100 dead […]

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