Roger Abbott

Roger Abbott is a research associate at the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C.

We Need a Mexican Standoff on Cap and Trade


Despite claims to the contrary, the energy tax known as cap and trade is still alive. Although Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has supposedly pulled the plug on it, our implacable Senatorial leadership is reportedly conspiring to foist the Kerry-Lieberman bill on the American people by bringing it to a vote during the lame duck […]

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Regulatory Flights of Fancy


In Washington, D.C., everything old is new again. Keynes is back as the defunct economist our politicians are in thrall to, wind and solar are the power sources of the future, just as they were in the seventies, and, after two decades in which entrepreneurs and industry were freed from the crippling hand of regulation, […]

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Climategate: This Time It’s NASA


The “Climategate” scandal, which broke in November 2009, revealed what many skeptics had privately suspected. Prominent climate scientists at the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) had collaborated to keep data out of skeptics’ hands, subverted the peer review process, and used questionable methods to construct the temperature record on which the United […]

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EPA Sniffs Smog


On Thursday, January 7, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed to tighten regulations on ground-level ozone (smog) beyond the already strict levels set by the Bush administration in March 2008. This misguided proposal is yet another example of environmentalism run amok. If implemented, it will hamper America’s economic recovery by increasing energy costs for businesses, […]

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Don’t Forget Cap and Trade


Amid the public outrage surrounding health care reform, another issue of equal importance for the average American has been nearly forgotten: the upcoming Senate debate on the Waxman-Markey “cap and trade” bill. This bill attempts to “cap” — that is cut — U.S. emissions of greenhouse gases by forcing all energy producers to pay for […]

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