R. Randolph Richardson

The American Spectator is proud to present The Free Market Optimist, a column exploring new free market policy ideas that can save the world and beat back the socialist menace, all at a profit. Free Market Optimist Rod Richardson serves as President of the Grace Richardson Fund, a private foundation pioneering new free market policy solutions to pressing local, national and international problems. 

How Laissez-Faire Capitalism Will Save the Planet


At Climate Week in New York, one will hear capitalism blamed, in some circles, for all of the world’s ills: pollution, environmental destruction, climate change, economic injustice, and even war. How surprising to realize that the very laissez-faire principles that underpin bothmodern democratic capitalism and the discipline of economics, can now be used to accelerate […]

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Piles of Plastic Pollution

The Free Market Solution to the Plastic Problem: Clean Tax Cuts


This article was written by Rod Richardson, Doug Woodring, and Scott Cassell. Due to limitations in our formatting, we include their bylines here. An estimated 8 million tons of plastic enters the ocean each year — a large number, but dwarfed by the roughly 4.9 billion tons of plastic waste dumped on land and sea […]

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Clean Capitalism Without Borders


The Clean Tax Cut (CTC) project, first introduced to the world in these pages a little over a year ago, at the encouragement of our late, very missed publisher, Don Rieck, begins with the conservative idea that if you want more of something, tax it less. This once-commonplace notion, taken as a strategy for policy […]

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Pro Bono 2.0 Reboot: Restoring Natural Private Universal Healthcare


As we lament the expensive, frustrating, bureaucratic mess that is the current American healthcare system, ’t’would be well to recall one reassuring fact: At one time, we had a pro bono system in this country that worked. My grandfather, Dr. E. Victor Littauer, served as an OB/GYN surgeon in Brooklyn from the 1920s through the […]

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Clean Tax Cuts Takes Off at the GOP Convention


Just two months have flown by since I first introduced the Clean Tax Cuts policy concept publicly, in writing, here in the pages of The American Spectator. Now it turns out I’ve just been invited to speak on Wednesday at the Republican National Convention, at the Sustainability Forum, hosted by the American Sustainable Business Council. […]

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After Earth Day: Capitalist Ideas Save the Planet


If you want more of something, tax it less. That’s a basic concept from Economics 101. We know it works. So for example, if you want more prosperity, cut tax rates on profits. And if you want more ever-cheaper green energy and clean tech, simply cut tax rates for such investments. It is the simplest, most direct, most economically beneficial way to accomplish that objective. With the huge multiple benefits of reducing CO2 and other pollution and health risks while boosting prosperity and lowering energy costs.

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An unexpected free-market triumph for wind and solar energy entrepreneurs. Read Part II here.   This Earth Day is different. Something BIG is changing fast… and not just the climate. To everyone’s surprise, the war on climate change just morphed into what looks like an accidental free market triumph. Clean tech wind and solar energy […]

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