Robert Stacy McCain


A Night for Greatness in Cleveland


Cleveland Zak Hasanin was walking along a downtown sidewalk Thursday afternoon when he said, “Did you hear that? ‘America Was Never Great’?” He was quoting a slogan shouted by left-wing protesters near the Republican National Convention here. “Those people need to go to Africa. They don’t know how good they’ve got it.” Hasanin’s family immigrated […]

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Boos for Cruz, Excellence From Pence


Cleveland Donald Trump’s running mate Mike Pence drew cheers for his speech Wednesday, but when the third night of the Republican National Convention was over, the topic that dominated conversation was the churlish performance of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. The crowd in the Quicken Arena loudly booed Cruz for failing to endorse Trump during his […]

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The Most Famous Speechwriter, Ever


CLEVELAND — Today, the anchors on CNN were doing a happy dance because the woman who wrote Melania Trump’s Monday RNC speech has owned up to copying three lines from Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democrat 2008 convention. Meredith McIver, who works for Donald Trump’s business empire, issued a statement explaining how the plagiarism accidentally […]

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Democrats With Bylines


Cleveland The liberal media’s determination to elect Hillary Clinton to the White House has become blatantly transparent in their coverage of the Republican National Convention here. Anyone who ever doubted that major network news operations are staffed with partisan Democrats needed only have observed the way allegedly “objective” reporters inflated Melania Trump’s opening-night speech into […]

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Cornell West Speaks at Anti-Police Rally


CLEVELAND — “There will be no peace unless there is justice,” Professor Cornell West said Tuesday in a speech to an anti-police rally here organized by the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP). Speaking through a megaphone amid a crowd of protesters gathered at Public Square in downtown Cleveland, West invoked “the legacy of white supremacy in […]

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Anti-Trump Republicans Lash Out at Matt Drudge


Matt Drudge has revolutionized the news industry in the past 20 years, and an interesting article by Oliver Darcy at Business Insider focuses on disgruntled Republicans who seem to blame Drudge for Donald Trump winning the GOP presidential nomination. Darcy quotes consultant Rick Wilson: “Matt’s agenda-setting power on the right was on full display in […]

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Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself


Cleveland Squads of uniformed police and state troopers patrolled on foot through the downtown streets here Monday, deployed to protect the Republican National Convention. A double-ring perimeter of eight-foot tall steel-mesh fencing surrounds the convention site at Quicken Arena on the banks of the Cuyahoga River. Only those with credentials can enter the access gate […]

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Baton Rouge Shooting Shocks Louisiana GOP Delegation


Cleveland Roger Villere was in church Sunday morning “and my phone kept vibrating,” the Louisiana Republican Party chairman said. Villere said he did not want to check his text messages during the Catholic service, but as soon as it ended, he stepped outside and turned on his phone and saw the news: Police had been […]

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Making America Hate Again


“Crooked Hillary is spending $57 million to spread even more lies about Mr. Trump and our movement,” begins the fundraising email Donald Trump’s campaign sent out Thursday, announcing a one-day goal to raise half a million dollars “to cut through Hillary’s noise and get our message of America First straight to the voter.” Heading into […]

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Race, Crime, and TV Ratings


Tara Setmayer was trying to talk facts on CNN and having a difficult time of it Monday night. The liberal host Anderson Cooper and Georgetown University Professor Michael Eric Dyson were tag-teaming against Setmayer, a former Republican congressional staffer who was attempting to explain that black people are much more likely to be killed by […]

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